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Akka technologies, a global company close to you

The AKKA Group, an engineering and technology consulting company, supports its clients in meeting their increasing challenges. Our key assets are:

  • a wide-range of global services for industrial projects

  • the ability to collaborate across the entire product lifecycle

  • Offices in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia and Americas

  • 21 centers of excellence across Europe and the World to enhance Group synergies

  • 13,252 skilled and dedicated employees

Thanks to the assets of our in-house research center, AKKA Research, we enable you to develop and create your vision of the future. We have the tools and means to turn your concept into reality.

AKKA Technologies is the European leader in the Mobility segment. With more than 13,250 skilled employees and a solid presence in Europe, Asia and America, AKKA Technologies is one of the leaders among European consulting engineering companies, always eager to meet the highest quality standards.


As systems engineering process and project management professionals, we play a major role on the global market. Revolving around a unique Franco-German axis, AKKA Technologies offers you a wide range of services, wherever you are.

For our development strategy, AKKA Technologies is proud to offer its clients a unique positioning. Although we are a French company, 50% of our business is done outside the country. Our consulting engineers are able to handle and deliver complex international projects. Their expertise represent a major asset for our clients. However, nothing would be possible without our subsidiaries Aeroconseil and Mbtech.


1,122.7 M€revenue
13,252skilled and dedicated employees

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