Factory Reboot

Successfully master challenges during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 95% of all plants in Europe and North America are shut down. As observed in China during March, the production will go through a soft restart, with specific obligations to guarantee employee safety. Therefore manufacturers will need to prepare and train people as well as adjust shopfloor and manufacturing planning to comply with these new obligations. They will need to deal with suppliers shortages, supplier chain coordinated restart and tackle the logistics and transportation limitations. In some places, it will be required to identify the most critical parts to secure, provision and store some stocks and some suppliers might go bankrupt during this crisis. Projection of current and projected capacity levels in both workforce and materials will be a specific challenge. In some places, manufacturers will want to be prepared to have accelerated rates after the soft-restart to compensate for the decrease in productivity. AKKA helps to successfully master these challenges.

How AKKA can help its customers during this crisis

— During the soft-restart, working practices will need to be adjusted for greater distancing between staff.

AKKA supports you in the implementation of the new working practice rules, training the employees and running control audits.

— Manufacturers will revisit the maintenance activities with the full stoppage situation.

AKKA coordinates maintenance activities and supports the adaptation/prioritization of maintenance plans during shutdown period.

— Manufacturers will need to identify the most critical parts to secure and build some stocks.

AKKA runs verification, management of inventory and warehouse stock, and can run Supply Chain Risks Management.

— After the soft-restart, manufacturers might need to run at higher-than-usual capacity to mitigate shortfalls.

AKKA runs diagnosis to analyze high volume numbers and propose solutions.

— Factory reboot will require a perfect coordination with suppliers and tackling of logistics & transportation limitations.

On behalf of OEM, AKKA runs preventive diagnosis of the suppliers, guiding them on the soft-restart and limiting risks of shortages and quality issues. AKKA can verify/validate supplier emergency plans and also execute Parts and Tool tracking.

— Suppliers are serving several OEMs and there will be conflicting priorities during this scarcity period.

AKKA assists Suppliers for practical prioritization management, identification of drivers, crisis management war room.

— Some suppliers might even go bankrupt and alternate suppliers will need to be selected and qualified.

AKKA runs supplier selection and accelerated qualification. We can also troubleshoot in terms of quality problems, drive relocation of tooling to other suppliers and provide supplier training.

— Suppliers created additional stocks while OEMs where shutting down. Nevertheless, if the crisis lasts, OEMs will have to identify the highest risk parts.

AKKA supports management of empties, analyse multi-sourcing of parts to size the stocks & support in alternative suppliers qualification.

— Because we need to preserve distances between employees and work remotely, a certain number of simple gestures become impossible (see the same object, explain actions visually, etc.).

AKKA supports very quick configuration setups that will allow without any physical proximity to show what can be seen while keeping hands free and to dynamically share visuals and manual annotations on your smartphone or tablet to enrich phone calls with augmented reality.

— In this unique situation where parameters are changing so quickly and the quantity of information is so high, decision-making and communication require agile tools.

AKKA helps you to quickly set up digital diagnostic, control and decision support tools.

Our solutions

Supply Chain Management

  • Industrial Purchasing
  • Supplier quality
  • Industrial assessments (capacity and capability)
  • Qualification and monitoring processes
  • Supplier monitoring and development
  • Crisis management (quality and logistic)
  • Industrialization of a new product
  • Implementation and qualification of manufacturing processes
  • Production management & Logistics
  • Transfer of work
  • Work preparation & delivery
  • Process automation & robotics
  • Audits and diagnostics
  • Problem solving
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous improvement & change management
  • System quality
  • Project / development quality
  • Software quality
  • Control in line
  • Quality of life in series / of production

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