France is the birthplace of the AKKA Group

AKKA France is now working closely with business sectors: automotive, aeronautics, railway, energy, life sciences, IT & telecommunications, space, defense and retail, as part of our overall global offering. As the home of several of AKKA’s global Centers of Competence, we offer customers cross-functional and multidisciplinary solutions to address their specific needs.







Key dates

— 1984

First contracts in Aeronautics and Automotive with Airbus for systems engineering and with Renault for process engineering.

— 1987

First steps on the Railway market in France with the dimensioning of a traction chain for a subway prototype and the test bench for the TGV Atlantique (ALSTOM TRANSPORT).

— 2001

First projects in Life Sciences with Sanofi (Sanofi-Aventis, Sanofi-Pasteur, and bioMérieux entities). Major projects in product design and manufacturing process in automotive.

— 2007

Acquisition of Coframi, a major player in software development.

— 2008

First project for the installation of on-board GSM connection systems on Emirates planes in cooperation with Aeromobile, now a branch of Panasonic.

— 2010

Creation of AKKA Research, our internal research center.

— 2011

Acquisition of Aeroconseil, a major actor in aircraft development and air transport.

— 2012

Major project in powertrain and cabin refurbishment in defense for Arquus.

— 2015

Acquisition of Matis, strengthening high-level consulting and digital activities.

— 2017

AKKA accelerated its market share gains thanks to its positioning in the mobility and digital technologies sectors. This acceleration was sustained with strong recruitment momentum.

— 2018

Numerous contracts signed in the mobility segment, notably in the field of autonomous vehicles, with a strong growth in communications activities. The growth of French activities benefited from the dynamic of the Automotive, Aerospace, Life Sciences and Energy sectors. The Group was awarded the “Top Employers” certification for the third year in a row.

Laurent Graciani

SVP France

Paolo del Noce

Group SVP South EMEA

Stéphane Latieule

Executive Vice-President of Aerospace & Defence Business Line

Benjamin Tichané

Managing Director Occitanie Region

Luigi Boggione

Sales Director and Executive Vice-President of Digital & Diversification Business Line

Pierre Lecoutre

COO France

Arnault Piccoli

HR Director-North

Marie Petit

HR Director-South

Arnaud Humbert


Key figures




of AKKA worldwide staff

for the year 2020


Gender equality index in France 85% for AKKA HIGH TECH

Our solutions

Our global offering is available to all business and industrial customers in France, whether needing our expertise on technical assistance projects, turnkey projects, or transnational projects. Our engineers can work directly on site, or from our premises.

In France, AKKA supports its clients with specific expertise in:

  • Mobility & Connectivity
  • Manufacturing
  • Air Transport
  • Digital & Consulting
‘’ With a team more than 7,000 strong, we are a leader in technologies, with depth and breadth across the key industry sectors in France. Leveraging our global resources, we provide customers with the inspiration, know-how and flexibility to deliver critical projects and accelerate business performance. ‘’


Group SVP South EMEA

Top customers


Some projects

— Mobility Of The Future

AKKA played a key role as one of Europe’s first innovators in “on-demand autonomous mobility”, with the design of a shared and autonomous on-demand mobility service with Transdev. AKKA designed, developed and integrated the autonomous system Transdev uses in its vehicles today. The system includes all the necessary automation components: identification, tracking and mapping of environments, which operate under real-time constraints thanks to the intelligent technologies developed by AKKA Research.

— Smart Cockpit

AKKA unveiled a “cockpit of the future” project for connected and autonomous vehicles at the 2018 Las Vegas CES. Capitalizing on our expertise in connected technologies, software, integration and car design, AKKA ensured the integration of all on-board components, designed the mechanical structure, and contributed to the development of the “Smart Life on Board” concept.

— Demo Car

AKKA is involved in the development of an electric, autonomous and connected demo car for a significant OEM. This level-4 autonomous vehicle concept, has two integrated electrical powertrains in the back wheels. AKKA designed the 3D digital model, the electric and electronic architecture, and conducted body-in-white research as well as the vehicle’s development and integration.

— Energy

AKKA handles the design and development of a web app for visualizing the waste recovery performance of all of EDF’s sites and those of its contractors.

— Digital Factory

AKKA supports a key player in the Medical Devices sector in its project to transform a manual production line into a fully automated one: which it calls “The Factory of the Future. This project calls upon our expertise in complex projects management, innovation, robotization, automation and digital.

— Train Automation

AKKA accompanies a major railway manufacturer in the automation of its trains. We are involved in a remote train pilot project, a critical step toward autonomous mobility. This technological innovation aims at allowing for the operation of a driverless train through the use of an outboard remote console. The vision of the external environment, identical to what a driver would see in the cabin, is possible thanks to on-board cameras and real-time image feedback on remote screens.

— Internet Of Things in Aerospace

AKKA’s Internet Of Things Project is driving the customer vision and operationalization of Industry 4.0. It aims to improve business intelligence and performance through the use of smart and connected objects to increase aircraft profitability. It is already providing cost savings by improving the accuracy, control and efficiency of business processes through better visibility and coordination.


May 19 2021

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