Full vehicle projects

As a full service partner to automotive suppliers, we take responsibility for developing and controlling activities along the entire product life cycle, from finalized concept to production readiness

Planning, control and execution of complex projects in the automotive industry

With our expertise in project management, we act as a central driver in planning and implementing a full range of complex projects throughout the automotive industry.

In full vehicle projects, we centrally control the execution and performance of all required functions. We also, where needed, can coordinate other service providers and suppliers to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.

The Basis for a Successful Project

Following an initial assessment, we oversee all project activities related to the overall project:

  • Feasibility study and development strategy
  • Identification of product development processes
  • Scheduling and maturity level planning
  • Setup and operation of project centers
  • Requirements and configuration management

Maintaining perspective in complex projects

Transparency, scope, efficiency and flexibility thanks to proven methods, tools and processes:

  • Tracking and reporting processes, costs and maturity levels
  • Early detection of deviations and derivation of appropriate measures to achieve the goal
  • Documentation and change management
  • Increase efficiency by multi project management and synergy effects
  • Our project reviews and audits ensure project success and process conformity