Functional Safety

Our competence - your safety

The goal of Functional Safety (FuSi) is to reduce the risk from electrical and electronic (E/E) systems to a tolerable level. Especially with regard to highly automated and autonomous driving, the Functional Security of E/E systems is increasingly important. The safe development of these systems according to an established standard minimizes the occurrence of random and systematic errors, thus preventing personal injury and damage to property.

From concept and development to series and post-series

Passion, innovative drive and professional competence are the foundation of our continuous delivery capability and your project success. AKKA accompanies you in every FuSi-relevant step of your project from safety management to safety engineering. Our many years of experience and competent validation and verification ensure the functional safety of your development.

We offer processes tailored to your individual needs in the development of safety-relevant systems/components of all Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL A-D). The highest Level D is characterized by a risk potential ten thousand times higher than Level A. In order to cover every risk potential, we provide you with qualified contact persons and ongoing support.

Our competencies

Safety Management

  • Document reviews
  • FMEA Reviews
  • Process inspections
  • Document inspections
  • FuSi-QM-Schedules
  • Safety-Case creation and maitenance
  • Concept phase (Item Definition, H&R etc.)
  • System architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Security analyses (e.g. FTA, FMEA)
  • Functional Safety concept
  • Technical Safety concept
  • Requirements Engineering

Functional Safety training for cars, trucks and buses in the areas:

  • Fundamentals
  • Management
  • Concept phase
  • System level
  • Hardware level
  • Software level
  • Production & Operation

Apr 29 2020

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Functional Safety