How AKKA supports its customers

We help you do it

  • With a team of 18,000 employees, AKKA can find the right expert or even build a whole multidisciplinary team to power your project – on your premises, on demand, or from one of our 90+ locations.

We progress together

  • We have built strong relationships with our customers, from pure consultation to joint ventures, and we can also help you attract talented people who will develop your innovations.
  • Testimony: EFS Audi

We do it for you

  • From full vehicles to smaller work packages, we have the capabilities to take you through the whole engineering cycle of your product from design to working prototype.
    • Work packages
    • Turn-key solutions
    • Full vehicle development
  • We know that technology is increasingly cost driven, and there is pressure to reduce time-to-market. We can accelerate delivery through our range of resources: local, near-shore and offshore production, managed by and from our centers of competence.
  • Centers of competences: Aero and Digital in Toulouse, and Automotive in Stuttgart
  • Outsourcing partner: LTI
  • Testimony: INEOS

We create the right environment for your project

  • AKKA has built strategic and technical partnerships with key innovation players such as: major IT suppliers, industrials, and prototyping workshops.
  • Because the way to innovate is not always straightforward, it is important to us to also involve young companies with fresh ideas.
  • Already have your ecosystem? We know how to build and work with an ecosystem.
  • ICONIQ Motors, Elaphe

Key delivery assets

  • Partnerships
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Proven ability to help OEMs
  • Seamless global delivery
  • Accreditations
  • Deep understanding
  • Dedicated expertise centers
  • Cross industry synergies