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Akka Technologies in China

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MBtech China is a leading engineering and consulting service company, providing value-added professional services to automotive OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and their suppliers. With a combination of comprehensive European expertise and China local knowledge, our goal is to offer quality services along the full value chain of automotive industry, especially in advance engineering, vehicle development as well as technological and operational consulting...
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Charlie Jiang

Charlie Jiang, with 5 years working experience with MBtech, has been in charge of the MBtech China operations since 2013. Charlie Jiang graduated from Tongji university in 2001 with a Master degree in business management. He has extensive working experience in consulting and engineering service industry in both China and Europe, focusing on providing high-value added services to automotive industry. Charlie speaks English and German, with Mandarin as mother tongue.

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Tel: +86 (0)21 6192 2200
Fax: +86 (0)21 6192 2202

Success stories and project references

The local top 5 Chinese brand OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is working on the development of a limousine vehicle platform. The vehicle platform will satisfy the market demand and regulation requirements both at home and abroad for the next 3 to 5 years. It will optimize the total cost of E/E (Electrical and Electronic) systems in the vehicles of different configuration. MBtech provided engineering and consulting services for the design, development and testing of electrical and electronic systems for this work package (fixed price) project with a total revenue of 15.0 mil RMB. Since the end of 2011, a multi-cultural project team including local Chinese project managers, engineers and expats worked on this project for 3,5 years in cooperation with the Electrics/Electronics division of MBtech Germany. The project consists of 6 work packages...

A local OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) intends to establish the vehicle development process to fit its client’s current status and the further platform/ modular strategy. Meanwhile it plans to setup a project management system and provide methodology and tools for the future ones. We divided the project into four work packages. The first and the third packages are focussing on the  development process. They provide a solid foundation for client OEM in order to continuously improve its development competencies which contain vehicle development process. Based on the best practice of other OEMs organization and client specific situation, the second work package is focussed on line and project organization. The fourth work package ensures the quality monitoring:  Quality review, Project Key Performance Indicators, project reporting and project meetings.

The client’s ambition is to establish a developing team on-site in China for body and trim. A C-Class sedan is developed with doors, front end and rear end. The MBtech team is responsible for the door development.

For 3 years, our team has been coordinating with body, interior, exterior, vehicle integration and other relevant departments of the client, focussing on door mechanics, door sealing, door trim panel and door BIW (Body In White)...

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Thanks to our leading positioning in the automotive engineering & consulting industry, we offer our employees outstanding opportunities to be involved in challenging technical projects and creative client environments. MBtech China is always looking for talents keen to develop their technology expertise and management skills by supporting the most advanced car makers in China.

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