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Akka Technologies in Russia

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Russia is a country committed to technology with industry leaders and excellent competencies. The global experience of AKKA Technologies Group is an asset for our clients across Russia who wish to benefit from the advantages of the know-how of the Group and the high qualification of Russian engineers. The development of AKKA in Russia goes in line with the country’s passion for technologies, a passion that was the reason why the Group was created 32 years ago.








Moscow, Togliatti, Yamal, Kharyaga, St Petersburg


Evgeny BELOV

General Manager


As part of AKKA Technologies, AKKA Rus o.o.o. offers the core competencies of the Group in Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Energy, Oil and Gas. The company is one of the leading engineering companies in Russia supporting the major industry players such as Renault, Airbus, Gaz, Avtovaz, Alstom and Total. The expertise of We develop and manage a wide range of projects from the design of new mobility products to the improvement of industrial operations.


AKKA Technologies worked, on behalf of THALES Avionics, on the development of the CDS Cockpit Display System of the Sukhoï Superjet 100 Russian Regional Jet aircraft. The SSJ100 is the first 100-seat jet with a full fly-by-wire (FBW) system, designed to optimize handling, reduce flight crew workload, and maximize fuel efficiency. Also, it is the first airliner in which engine and airframe have been designed together to optimize performance. The SSJ100 offers standards of economy, performance, environmental efficiency and passenger comfort ground-breaking for a 100-seat airliner...

In this intercultural project with Russian and French engineers, AKKA Russia worked on ensuring reliable operation of the production line in assembly, welding, stamping and painting workshops. We managed the following sub-projects: 

  • Supervision of the procurement of the tooling, the supplier’s tooling manufacturing, the tooling commissioning and try-outs
  • Carrying out quality control of manufactured serial parts and assembly units. Analyzing the causes of quality problems. Designing and implementing an action plan to improve product quality
  • Implementing the layout plans for new and redesigned workshop areas for new projects
  • Designing and organizing factory logistics from incoming raw material to final product
  • Improving the key suppliers’ work in accordance with client's standards
  • Providing an action plan with view to cost reduction and implementing actions in production

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