Shareholders information

Notification of shareholding threshold crossings

As AKKA Technologies is a Belgian company, shareholders are required to notify the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and the company (at the following email addresses: and, as soon as the voting rights attached to their shareholding exceed the thresholds of 2%, 4%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% of the total number of theoretical voting rights, and each multiple of 5% thereafter. The same notification is also mandatory when these thresholds are crossed downwards.

Download the FSMA guide and TR-1 BE form

All required information for completing this declaration is available in the practical FSMA Guide (Download here the FSMA Guide), along with the TR-1 BE standardized form.

Form TR-1 BE consists of two parts: Part I, which must be transmitted to both the FSMA and to us, and Part II, to be sent exclusively to the FSMA. The (unsigned) form should be transmitted in xlsm format. In addition, a signed copy should also be transmitted in PDF format.
Download here the TR-1 BE form


Share Ownership*

*based on number of shares hold as of 31/12/2020


Charter Managers’ Transactions Download here

Stock Market Conduct Charter   Download here



Analysts covering the stocks

Beatrice ALLEN, Berenberg
Ruben DEVOS, KBC Securities
Pierre DINET, ID Midcaps
Maxence DHOURY, Portzamparc
Gilbert FERRAND, MidCapp
Matthieu LAVILLUNIERE, Invest Securities
Emmanuel PAROT, Gilbert Dupont
Alexandre PLAUD, CM CIC
Luuk VAN BEEK, Degroof Petercam