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Job description

The AKKAdemy

The Akkademy’s International Graduate Program (13 months) provides a balanced mix of in-class education and on-the-job training for fresh or recent engineering graduates from premier universities and engineering schools.

Upon successful completion, our graduates will benefit from continued coaching as they will apply their high-in-demand technology know-how, with powerful consulting skills in a challenging role within Akka Technologies Group.

As an Akkademy graduate you are on track for an exciting international career!


The job

We are looking for young professionals and recent graduates who want to start an international career in a leading IT & Engineering consulting firm!

Onboarding in the group consists of one month of training in our center of excellence located in Geneva (Switzerland), where you will receive the latest in-class training to supplement your academic background. You will have the chance to develop your soft-skills and gain an exclusive overview of AKKA's sectors and projects through testimonies and workshops.

After the onboarding month, you will join one of our local offices in France to continue your training on the job while gaining access to training content (on soft and technical skills through e-AKKAdemy and languages skills through Rosetta Stone).

Autonomous Vehicles Engineer

The main tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Flight Control
  • Autopilot
  • System Design
  • Flight test
  • Auto Guidance
  • Navigation Systems

Desired skills and competences:                

  • Excellent knowledge of Aeronautics
  • First experience (6 months at least) in aero
  • French (B1)
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • C++, RAMS, Flight Simulator, Python

Airworthiness/CAMO Engineer   

The main tasks and responsibilities include:                

  • Consultant Coding
  • Inspector Records
  • Retrofit Campain
  • Maintenance 
  • CAMO

Desired skills and competences:                                  

  • Excellent knowledge of Aeronautics
  • First experience (6 months at least) in aero
  • Knowledge of Airbus Tools
  • Knowledge in Airworthiness Regulations (EASA & FAA)
  • Others regulations and standards
  • Part M / Part-145 / Part 66
  • French (A2)



  • At least basic-to-intermediate level of French (the higher the better!)
  • European citizenship mandatory
  • 0.5 to 3 years of professional experience in a related field

However, due to the large variety of projects we are working on with our clients, we welcome people with all kinds of telecommunications-related skills!

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