Manufacturing 4.0

Bringing competitivity & added value to your shop floor

Combining industrial performance expertise with significant experience in technology integration at the shop-floor level, AKKA provides end-to-end support to customers tackling Manufacturing 4.0 projects.

Our industrial expertise ranges from operations and performance management to supply chain management and integrates recognized expertise in manufacturing engineering.

Today, we offer expertise in integrating the Internet of Things, data management, AR/VR and collaborative robotic solutions into varied manufacturing organizations and operations.

Our hybrid teams offer:

  • Data-driven operations and performance management: real-time supervision, business intelligence, predictive maintenance.
  • Excellence in production: integration of advanced tooling such as robotics, autonomous systems, augmented reality for quality inspectio
  • Smart & connected industry: deployment of the Internet of Things systems, Track and Trace geographic solutions, data management solutions.
  • Specific study and solution integration:
    • Training enabled by immersive solutions.
    • Mobile solutions for operators.
  • Integrated software solutions for end-to-end management: ERP, MES, tailor-made IT management systems.
  • Consulting expertise: building on our process, technology, business and organizational expertise, we offer comprehensive consulting studies to support our clients in their overall Manufacturing 4.0 transformation challenges.



Did you know?
AKKA is a founding member of the French program “Alliance Industrie du Futur” through Syntec Numérique.