Mobile Communication Technologies

We ensure your Mobile Communication Chain – in-depth and worldwide

Mobile Online Services (MOS) are one of the key criteria for future buying decisions in the automotive market. AKKAs Mobile Communication Technologies portfolio ensures the quality of the basic connectivity regarding voice services and data connection, thus serving as the precondition for the specific connected services.

Furthermore, the development of future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) as a turning point in the automotive industry will rely strongly on the network reliability increasing by the introduction of 5G. We support and validate the state-of-the-art module development and accompany our customer into the next generation of mobile communication.

Radio access networks (RAN), radio frequencies and embedded SIM (eSIM) profiles in different markets vary in specific relevant characteristics and therefore require high expertise to effectively evaluate these links worldwide during the whole development process.

We provide a state-of-the-art approach to meet the expectations of current new developments in network technology.

Potential customer value

We offer all validation benefits from one hand:

  • AKKA is managing the off-market and in-market validation along the customers workflow in a highly flexible way.
  • Our customers benefit from AKKAs indepth protocol analysis knowledge and can rely on bringing a bug-free product into market.
  • The AKKA team consists of experts with long-term experience in worldwide evaluation networks in time and in a cost-efficient manner, both from network operator and automotive background.
  • We add our experience to your project and keep up closely with technical innovation.

Our Focus within the Mobile Online Services Chain

Oct 27 2020

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Mobile Communication Technologies