Mobile Online Services

End to end validation

The key to successful car connectivity

Mobile Online Services (MOS) are one of the key criteria, as customers have the benefit and expectation to be always connected to their vehicles. The car owner gets direct access to the vehicle via mobile phone or internet and profites from various features, like programing the auxilary heater during winter season, opening and closing doors or receiving theft alarms and battery status as push notifications. These Mobile Online Services will continuously be enlarged in the next years.

The end-to-end (E2E) validation of MOS is a methodology to test the workflow of a service from start to end, this means from mobile devices/internet features through the backend over the mobile network to eSIM/SIM card in the vehicle. Validation has become more complex and has to be done before the start of production, to fulfil the customers expectations and satisfactions at its best.

AKKA has gained experience in a variety of projects in the field of Connected Vehicles since the first generation of Mobile Online Services. We provide one of the largest teams in this field and have become a verified and trusted partner for international OEMS and suppliers in all industries. With intensive and in-depth know-how in all areas of MOS testing we ensure our customers to receive their services online in time and in a cost efficient manner.

Potential customer value

  • State-of-the-art project management based on agile teams
  • Our agile approach guarantees short reaction times combined with cost efficiency
  • International expertise from our AKKA teams (e.g. EU, NAR, China, Japan, Korea)
  • Our experience in the E2E validation process of MOS is transferrable to other OEMs and industries

Our services

  • Project Management/Office
  • System Integration/Integration
  • Management/Integration Office
  • Test Management/Test case creation/
  • Testing/Test Automation/Test
  • Infrastructure Management/Monitoring
  • Error Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Transition Management

Aug 06 2020

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Mobile Online Services