Mobility Factory

Assembly from single prototypes to small series

Prototype and vehicle assembly

Under conditions similar to series production, we assemble testworthy and drivable prototype vehicles at all development levels. These prototypes are suitable for both null-series and the pre-production. With our expertise in prototype assembly we ensure your ramp up until SOP.

We manufacture new and innovative mobility vehicles in small series with the involvement of customer-specific requirements such as the integration of autonomous driving functions in vehicles with alternative driving technologies. With our expertise we ensure your market launch in time.

Facts and Figures

  • Over 8000 m² production area
  • Two assembly lines with nine stations each with filling station and
    end of line Q-Check
  • Separate pre-assembly working area and logistics area
  • Five permanently installed car lifting platforms per line with WLAN screwdriving technology and one overhead crane
  • Both lines are designed for four hour takt time
  • There can be produced up to 40 vehicles per week
  • Short changeover time for new products
  • Process validation for development and production of small
    series and prototypes

Potential customer value


  • Production planning
  • Logistics & transportation planning
  • Resource scheduling
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Marterial & parts availablity tracking
  • Variable stations
  • Takted flow production
  • Flexible material supply
  • Optimized personnel capacity
  • Production control
  • Reporting & controlling
  • Project management
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Quality management
  • Quality assurance
  • Certified and audited by ISO 9001:2015
    and TISAX Assessment-Level 3 (AL3)


Continuous improvement of AKKA mobility factory to a full service provider regarding prototype and small series production with focus on alternative mobility and e-drive concepts.

Additional services and expertise

Body in white production

  • Using different joining technologies as Stud welding, clinching, riveting and gluing
  • Preparation of drawings and production of positioning devices via 3D-print
  • Ultrasonic testing und joining validation
  • Digital simulation of production readiness
  • Installation of measuring cables and instruments
  • Execution and evaluation of the measurements for test drive vehicles
  • Data collection for the development of new vehicle concepts
  • Documentation, provision and preparation of the results for issuing of a release recommendation
  • Selection and quantity determination of filling fluids as fuel, brake fluid, oil, coolant etc.
  • Ensuring correct installation and contacting of the components
  • Parameterization of control units and functional testing
  • Teach-in of system parameters
  • Placing in service of vehicles

29 Apr 2020

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Mobility Factory