Mobilized together against COVID-19

Supporting Airlines in tough times

Passenger to Cargo Conversion

About half of the world’s air freight is carried in the cargo holds of passenger aircraft. And since COVID-19 has grounded most of the passenger fleets around the globe, cargo capacity worldwide has dropped and the price per kilo skyrocketed. In order to compensate for reduced passenger traffic and keep their fleets operational, airlines are reconfiguring their passenger aircraft to so-called ‘preighters’ (passenger-to-freighter) to generate revenue.

AKKA and Avianor join forces to offer an EASA approved Passenger-to-Freighter solution to European and worldwide customers. Also, together with ATR AKKA has created an effective solution to quickly convert passenger aircrafts for carrying freights. Logistical challenges due to Covid19 can be solved and the delivery of essential supplies like medical equipment can be ensured. Depending on the configuration, four to five tons of payload can be carried by a passenger aircraft.

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A decision-support tool publicly available for suspected COVID-19 infection

Should I visit a doctor or not? During these uncertain times, a reliable guide is important to correctly interpret symptoms of illness. Together with Medicover, AKKA has developed a questionnaire that intends to serve as a decision-making aid. After having successfully provided AKKA’s employees with the tool, the Group has made it accessible to everyone. The aim is to reduce unfounded fears and at the same time provide potentially ill patients helpful recommendations for action which may contribute to reducing the overload of medical facilities. The questionnaire is based on the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute and meets the highest data protection standards.

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Partnering with Honeywell to fight against COVID-19

PDS TECH supporting HONEYWELL during COVID-19

By partnering with PDS’ partnership with Honeywell, PDS Tech has been able to assist with the ramping up of the production of protective medical equipment such as N95 masks in order to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

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Visors printed in AKKA UK

AKKA UK are very proud of our Engineers based in AKKA Crewe. They have been using our 3D Printing machines to produce frames for the face shields required by those working on the front line. The design was provided by Rolls Royce, minimising material, and the time required to produce. Whilst sourcing materials for these face shields, AKKA has received so many offers of support as well as countless requests for this item. Last weekend AKKA delivered supplies to Wirral Mind (/) & Wirral NHS ().

Supporting our people

The Group has put in place several working from home guides for both staff and managers. Furthermore, the Group recognizes that this situation can cause concern among its employees and has, therefore, launched an emotional support hotline along with a weekly well-being survey to ensure we accompany our people to the best of our abilities.

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Supporting Health Care Workers

AKKA is proud to support Geoffrey, one of our consultant at AKKA along with Yann, at Renault. They work together on a daily basis and have decided to take action against the Covid19. Together, the two engineers have created and produced a visor for workers most exposed to the virus. The ingenuity: the manufacturing process uses a cutting machine for increased more quality and speed compared to a 3Dprinter. Currently, they can produce 700 per day with their own machine, BUT it is far from being enough, so they need all the good will and support they can get to increase production significantly. If you would like to contribute, please visit