Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation are key resources for any industrial program. AKKA provides its customers with a range of modeling and simulations tools and services to defense-related industries, including:

  • Systems modeling
  • Command and Control
  • Integration
  • Tool and simulation platform development


In defense aeronautics, AKKA is able to provide support in:

  • Aircraft performance:
    • Low and high speed performance development studies
    • Performance modeling for on-board applications
    • Flight tests and certification campaigns
    • Operational and support studies
  • Flight dynamics, handling quality:
    • Flight loop model identification and data package for simulators
    • Handling qualities tests and studies
    • Elaboration of modeling and tools applied to flight control domain
  • Flight mechanics simulation tool:
    • Aircraft input: aerodynamic data, engine, landing gear
    • External output: atmospheric model, ground model, wind model