Networking Test Suite

A software tool for testing individual bus interfaces of electronic control units (ECUS)

AKKA Networking Test Suite as an extensive tool for our customers

The digital revolution in the automotive sector is in process and vehicles will be at one level with high performance computers in the near future. The more technology evolves the more complex electronic control units become and the more OEM- and sector-specific standards need to be covered.

With the AKKA Networking Test Suite (NTS) we provide an extensive tool to our customers, covering both OEM- and AUTSOAR-specific standards. Test execution together with test evaluation and test report generation is done automatically by the NTS.The test environment is kept simple by purpose and is easy to set up. The user will experience a modern, intuitive and structured graphical user interface in combination with commonly used hardware and software. Therefore, an integration of the NTS in existing development and testing processes can be easily done.

The validation set of the individually connected bus interfaces consists of more than 100 test cases which check the characteristics of each bus and can be performed already at an early development stage.


Transparent results

Clearly structured HTML reports: You receive all test results in a clear report and can reconstruct your tests at any time thanks to automatically generated trace files. For complete documentation and uncompromising comparability.

Early error detection

Test electronic control units before integration: You can use NTS to verify software at an early stage in the development process, thereby detecting errors at an early stage and ensuring better software quality.

Test cases according to AUTOSAR standard

Always fully developed and with its finger on the pulse: Thanks to up-to-date test cases based on AUTOSAR and according to your individual requirements, you can ensure that your requirements are covered at all times. NTS tests separately connected bus interfaces each with over 100 well-founded test cases for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet.

Testing as a Service

Save even more time: Together with us, you can go one step further and make your test activities even more efficient. We not only specify your test cases, but also run the tests for your electronic control units.


Not only safe to operate, but also secure? No problem with NTS because our ambition is to continue to simplify the development of attack- and operation-proof control units for our customers in the future.

Intuitive GUI

Simple testing: Use NTS and benefit from an intuitive user interface and simplified complexity. From importing your database to evaluating it, it's just a few clicks.


Automation instead of testing: Configure test runs in advance and start them conveniently from your continuous integration process. Without additional tools or programming knowledge.

First Level Support

Our customers enjoy first level support: Through direct contact with our customers worldwide, we can support you immediately with your problems. This is how we ensure that you not only continue to enjoy your NTS, but that we can make the product even better in the future.

Potential customer value

  • Handles all bus systems in one tool
  • Efficient test execution delivering a test report within 45 minutes
  • ECU independent test cases
  • Up-to-date test cases according to OEM- and AUTOSAR-standards
  • Well structured test reports and meaningful bus-traces
  • Time- and cost-saving through a high degree of automation
  • Defect detection already at an early development stage
  • Constant updates and new test cases
  • Compatible with products from Vector Informatik GmbH

Aug 06 2020

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Networking Test Suite