Networking Test Suite

Test software for bus interfaces of control units

The AKKA Networking Test Suite as a fully comprehensive tool

The digital revolution in the automotive sector is in full progress and vehicles will be on a par with high-performance computers in the near future. The further technological developments proceed, the more complex ECUs become, which have to meet not only manufacturer-specific but also industry-wide standards until they are ready for series production.

With the AKKA Networking Test Suite, our customers receive a fully comprehensive tool that not only covers current manufacturer specifications and AUTOSAR standards for ECUs, but also automatically performs and evaluates the associated tests. The tester can expect a modern, clearly structured user interface in combination with a compact test setup of common hardware and software, so integration into existing development and test processes is possible without any problems.

The testing of the separately connected bus interfaces consists of more than 100 test cases each, which analyze the basic features per bus and can be executed at an early stage in the development process.

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Our network validation solutions cover your testing activities and shift your processes to a new efficiency level.

Be it on continuous integration processes or HiL setups. Our tools offer automation solutions and support up-to-date network interfaces and VT systems.

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Our license subscription model offers you the maximum flexibility.

You can individually decide on the required maintenance period, book addons or add bus systems and features when required.

ECU testing has never been easier

— Import

The NTS does not only support common AUTOSAR XML files but also Database CAN, LIN Description and Node Capability Files. After having imported an archive or the original file you can start immediately.

— Configure

For each of the supported bus systems you can configure the bus interface to be tested individually, change diagnostic settings, select test hardware as well as further parameters and options.

— Evaluate

After at most 45 minutes you gain access to your unit test results. These are not only presented transparently but also allow you to estimate product maturity long before actual component integration.

Powerful features

— Normed but unique

The test cases in the NTS are based on up-to-date AUTOSAR specifications or corresponding standards like SAE J1939. As licensee you won’t need to worry about outdated testcases anymore.

— Intuitive and functional

You use the NTS without prior knowledge or programming experience. Our product is compatible with Vector Informatik GmbH products. Simply plug in, set up and get started.

— Full transparency

Providing clearly structured HTML reports as well as meaningful test artifacts, your test analysis has never been easier thanks to the NTS. Our tool allows you to comprehend test results and compare them with further releases within one click.

— Powerful add-ons

You want to test how an interface behaves within a network but its reliability as well? With our flexibly bookable add-ons unexpected possibilities lie ahead of you.

— Automate easily

Are you still testing or already automating? With the NTS you can start previously configured tests automatically which makes it easy to run them within your Continuous Integration framework. For more focus and productivity.

— As secure as SecOC

ECU software does not only have to be safe but also meet increasing Automotive Security requirements. On request, the NTS offers you the here for needed test groups.

— Support and services

In case of questions our NTS team can help you with valuable support. Furthermore, we offer testing as a service for your control units and test report analysis in alignment with your current demand.

Extensive testing tool

Automotive Ethernet
Automotive Ethernet

Always up to date

Test group Diagnostics [DG]

The NTS offers more than 1,400 test cases for Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD and LIN. In this list you can find a selection of test groups compliant to current specifications.

In the test group Diagnostics the NTS reads the DUT part number, version information and other diagnostic data by means of required security certificates and verifies bus-specific parameters like FlexRay node information for correct authentication.

This test group contains indispensable test cases for modern ECUs. Only if control units behave in a specified manner in their different operational states, they can be integrated in the later vehicle properly. The NTS enables you to ensure this already before integration.

This test group checks whether protocol data units are being sent in accordance to the given standards. The NTS identifies misplaced, unknown or too long protocol data units.

To verify the partial operation of networks, this test group examines the networking behavior after the DUT start, basic functionalities like PNC bits, transmission time or the operational handling of specific partial network requests.

To ensure the operational reliability of a subsequent vehicle network, the NTS further tests whether the DUT transmits relevant data packets and signal groups correctly. The test groups for the common AUTOSAR profiles include the Signal Group Counter and CRC Check test cases.

By the means of direct manipulation and limitation of bus communication the NTS can test how the DUT behaves in corner cases. No matter whether only Tx frames or bidirectional messages may cause problematic ECU reactions: With the NTS you can be sure to identify them at least possible effort.

The NTS itself can measure startup times once. But what if you need to state a profound analysis of the ECU start behavior over a longer time span? For this challenging use case the NTS offers the powerful add-on for duration wakeup tests with many parameterization options.

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Aug 06 2020

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