Connectivity and Beyond: AKKA Research as keynote speaker at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2021.

NewsSeptember 02 2021

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Fatma Raissi, Research & Innovation Engineer at AKKA Research was a keynote speaker at the EuCNC & 6G Summit 2021. The virtual event hosted participants from all over Europe engaging in debates on all aspects of telecommunications from 5G deployment to 6G exploration and future communication systems.

Fatma presented during the workshop titled: “Connectivity and Beyond: How the 5G Ecosystem Empowers the Port, Logistics and Automotive Industries”, focusing on two EU funded, AKKA Research projects, 5G-LOGINNOV and 5GMETA.

The 5G-LOGINNOV project studies the opportunities created by 5G for logistics supply chain innovations, aimed at improving the efficiency of freight and traffic operations at ports and logistics hubs. 5GMETA aims to create a flexible telematics platform for pipelining data generated and captured from cars to automotive industry players, while ensuring data privacy, security, interoperability and

The Toulouse based engineer, shares some key moments of this event with us.


Can you tell us in a bit more detail, what the EuCNC & 6G Summit was about?

The joint conference tackled different telecommunicationsparticularly on topics involving 5G deployment as well as 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks that come with it. It provided an of these topics, exploring technical aspects such as experimentations, testbeds, applications and services in addition to higher-level aspects such as use case scenarios, opportunities and challenges.


What was AKKA’s role during the workshop?

Alongside other 5GMETA and 5G-LOGINNOV partners we delivered a paper, sharing insights on how various applications of 5G can be explored, with a focus on the logistics and automotive sectors.

AKKA presented the architecture that was designed during the specification phase of the project. The architecture was presented in the section regarding the “5GMETA Platform for Automotive Domain” that tackled the issues we encountered during the design of the innovative 5G based architecture for the platform.

Also, as a use case contributor, AKKA took part in the panel session to discuss more about 5G as an automotive and logistics enabler, sharing with the panelists a use case of the project that considers a rising start-up launching an innovative application called “Lazarus”. This application, given a trip’s information, can accurately and dynamically determine the optimal departure time, the optimal route to get to the chosen destination in a target arrival time, and quickly find a free parking lot. These outputs are constantly updated whenever new events on the chosen path arise thanks to 5G specifications such as Multi-Access Edge computing. This use case was discussed at length alongside the opportunities and challenges that come with it.


What was the most memorable thing about your experience at the summit?

I felt honored to share the panel session with five amazing panelists, experts in their respective fields. Engaging in spontaneous and casual conversation with them about the opportunities of 6G, its impact and inevitably its challenges, was truly an enriching experience.


Will there be additional steps in the future?

Most certainly! As part of the dissemination work package of the 5GMETA project, AKKA will be promoting the 5GMETA approach and its results. Our next stop will be the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg in October, where we will present the technical paper we worked on with our partners titled: “Monetization of and Access to in-Vehicle data and resources: the 5G-META approach”.

See you soon in Hamburg!