Digitalization in the Chemical industry with our consultants at AKKA Switzerland. Meet Lucie Alabert!

NewsFebruary 02 2021

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Please describe your current role

In my role of Global Change Manager, I specialize in Operations digital transformation, covering the supply chain from purchasing to manufacturing.

My mission is to drive successful user adoption for companies’ transformations, setting the right frame, providing the right tools to the organization and above all empowering people to become themselves actors of change.

In today’s world, innovation is a constant and so change management capabilities become an asset for companies to efficiently sustain evolution and stay ahead of the game.

As change managers, we don’t just deliver strategic planning and implementation methodologies for projects or organizational changes, we enable teams and facilitate cultural shifts to create lasting business value and cultural resilience.


How have you actively contributed to the Digital transformation of our client?

Industry 4.0 or the digitization of the supply chain is a key topic for all companies.

The chemical industry is no exception and so my activities largely focus on information systems implementation for Operations, supporting the teams to identify digitalization opportunities and take full advantage of their change program through strong change management to ensure adoption and adaptation of the workforce to new ways of working.

For instance, I’ve worked extensively on the digitalization of the production’s execution that connects shop-floor to top-floor in the plant, to set the foundations for Industry 4.0 as well as on the implementation of new technologies for manufacturing & customer care (Virtual Reality, IIOT,RPA).


What do you like about AKKA Switzerland, about AKKA as a group?

AKKA Switzerland respects each professional journey and so I could work on long missions in full autonomy and with great involvement at the client’s company, enabling me to develop in the domains I like. The field of possibility goes as far as you can imagine.


How do you see the Chemical industry in the future?

The industry is facing many challenges, amongst which the inevitable digitalization of functions from core to support activities, accelerated by today’s particular global context.

Major shifts are taking place and business models evolving with the arrival of new players and customers on the market who are essential to address. Then organizations need to adapt; from production leaping into industry 4.0 to support customer demand for better quality, transparency and rapidity, through the agile development of new products to answer customer fast-changing trends to a technology-enhanced workforce.

The drive towards digitization will reshape the way we do business and the way we work. Today’s industry and its jobs will not resemble tomorrow’s.


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