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NewsNovember 12 2020

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Tell me about your background and culture, where you took off and how it evolved.

My story is a bit different from what is used to do.

As a matter of fact, I worked for three years in Treviso (my hometown), as an expediter in a different field, before university. While I was working I made up my mind to move to Milan to get a degree in Philosophy, thinking to attend a specialization in Human Resources after the degree, a choice that I made. I decided to start university because I didn’t want to have any regrets about never have done this experience. Before Akka, I worked in headhunting companies for two and a half years, which introduced me to many different sectors and helped me to structure my recruiting competencies, allowing me to be a part of Akka. Now I have the opportunity to touch on new issues related to the HR world, which was one of my professional goals, but also touch new important topics related to renewable and Eco Green energy, very current issues.


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your professional/academic career?

Get me back in the game with studies has been a challenge; when I shared this choice with the people closest to me the reaction was of (extreme) amazement, more so because it involved a change of city, or rather two, in fact, I attended the University in Milan and my Master in Rome. It was a “starting over” also professionally, having to start from scratch.

I have had the chance to exchange views with various companies: the choice to leave sometimes has been painful because you always know what you leave but not what you find, however, I always received the support of managers and colleagues. In hindsight, I’d do it all over again: both the happiest and the less happy experiences have led me to be who I am and it is (been) a continuous evolution, both professionally and personally. Regardless of the experience, in order to achieve your goals, you must believe in yourself and wish to grow and improve. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy, it means that it’s more possible that what you want happens.


What interested you in AKKA?

During my experience as a headhunter, I felt the need to introduce myself to the candidates as HR who is part of the same company they interview with: I like to share Akka’s values and culture, it is extremely important to believe in your company because this feeling is perceived.

Let me give you an example: when I present the growth plan to the candidates (step zero plan), I highlight it with pride, all the more so because the feedback I receive is always positive.

I joined Akka encouraged by the added value that comes from daily comparison with technical profiles, both staff and consultants: this allows me to refine my technical knowledge and never stop learning something new. It’s not possible to think that a Recruiter can be omniscient in all areas of work specialization, that’s why it’s essential to work in a team and combine different professional skills, especially because it ensures the best result to the client (internal or external), from a human and professional point of view.

Akka is a multicultural environment that allows me to interact with people of other nationalities, this was another aspect I wanted to deal with. It also means diversity in terms of ethnicity, religion, social belonging, etc. Living and working in a multicultural environment is an enriching experience, as a matter of fact, this culturally diverse work environment gives you new insights and, last but not least, is good for your language skills. I recently participated in an AKKAdemy webinar interacting with colleagues and trainers of other nationalities: It was a wonderful experience, a webinar beautifully organized which has enhanced a sense of belonging with members of staff.


Tell me about your hobbies/interests.

During the weekends I spend my time traveling, participating in guided tours, swimming or skiing, I mean in a normal situation, before Covid.

In my spare time, I continue to pursue my interest in Human Resources and philosophy by reading philosophical essays, going to the theater, and participating in conferences.

In 2021 I’m planning to attend the ICF Coaching Course in order to improve my relationships skills and business performances


Tell me about the greatest thing you’ve learned from a colleague/mentor

I am happy to say that each of my previous experiences has always been constructive, I have had several colleagues and several managers from whom I have learned a lot, including not to be like someone of them. I have personally found out that at work you can share or not ideas, as long as you do it with a constructive approach: criticism should always push you to do your best next time. I was lucky enough to work with a Manager who, as a result of observation, led me to have more and more respect for her, not frustration or resentment, and therefore consider her a mentor to all intents and purposes, which inspires me even today.

Also here there are people with this approach and I’m proud of my colleagues: they are passionate about their work and wish to help me to improve my skills with kindness and in a constructive manner.

In Akka I’m relating to colleagues with very different approaches from each other, I’m young and it’s important to better define mine, also thanks to the strength of collaboration with all the team, and I know that I’m lucky because I’m learning something from everyone.

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