Meet Biljana Coppola!

NewsDecember 01 2020

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Who you are and your role at AKKA?

My name is Biljana Coppola and I started my career working at Daimler, in External Affairs and Public Policy. In this department, despite the fact it’s an OEM, we did not have any touch points with cars themselves, but with politics, governmental authorities, NGOs, Sport institutions, etc.

Subsequently I moved to MBtech Group, a company that was later acquired by AKKA, and here it was all about cars! Through different positions, I had the chance to hone the skills that I gained through collaborating with state authorities and business clients on an international level. This allowed me to grow my network within the company and externally especially while working for AKKA Research.

AKKA Technologies Switzerland is my next important step. With the responsibility for the Team at our Zurich office, the objective is to grow, and contribute to the business. For me, it is an honor and proof of trust in my own capabilities.


Your background

I studied Economic Science in Germany and UK.

Before joining the AKKAdemy I worked as a Business Manager for our key customers in Germany, within the Electrical and Electronics division.

Due to my strong knowledge of German automotive business and the specifics of the mobility market as well as the resource needs of our clients, I was given the opportunity to join the AKKAdemy as a Senior Business Manager for the German market.


Why is the AKKA Switzerland’s engineering service portfolio unique for its clients?

Our team offers a whole solution approach to our client and we are working for key leaders on the Swiss Market, coming from different sectors. For instance, we cover resource needs of banks and insurance providers, industrial automation, electrical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as the mobility industry such as aeronautics, automotive and railway.

My vision is aligned with the objective of recruiting high potential engineers from all over Europe and involving our local and international engineering & digital talents to our customers in Switzerland.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA? (Challenging projects; the team; mobility etc.)

What makes the work experience at AKKA is the strong cross national and cross sector collaboration approach combined with a dynamic working environment.

This international experience allowed me to enhance my professional and personal skills.

The company offers a huge range of opportunities and perspectives for our people to develop themselves facing a good perspective and I’m glad of having seen some success stories as well in my Team on an international level.

On top of that, as a woman I’m happy to see that more and more young women are joining our Group to deep dive and dedicate their career to the engineering disciplines.

You can challenge yourself on a daily basis, never get bored and stuck in the same position. This is what our company is all about, just work and enjoy!


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