Meet Codrut! Stress Engineer at AKKA Romania

NewsMarch 05 2021

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Your role in AKKA
I’ve found here at AKKA a lot of reasons to continue my career as an engineer. One of these reasons is my current role as a Consultant for one of the leading companies specialized in the design, supply, installation, operation and life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry over the full lifecycle.
Having the opportunity to work in this field strongly enhanced other qualities, which in my eyes appear to be key points in becoming a successful engineer: the ability to communicate with both client and colleagues to ensure the quality of the work in time, the strength to start over, being able to cope with change and the desire to explore a new engineering chapter.


Your background
From high school I was drawn to engineering, thus there was no surprise when I applied to the Politehnica University of Bucharest, which I graduated with Nuclear Energy as a specialization. This gave me the chance to work for 3 years in a field that not too many people can say they have, the main client being our own Nuclear Power Plant here in Romania. After this experience I was eager to learn new things, resulting in a new career as an aeronautics engineer. Finally, my road intersected with AKKA, giving me this wonderful opportunity to continue adding knowledge from a new and vast field.


Your achievements

I believe that the most important achievement until now for me was being autonomous, on top of the positions to the quality of the projects I worked on.


How do your friends describe you and what do you do during your spare time?

Hard question, but I’m sure they find me funny, as they can’t fake the laughter I hear. Regarding my spare time, during the pandemic things changed a lot, so outdoor activities decreased whereas in-door activities increased. One such “in-door” activity is playing videogames, which I am fond of since childhood, and apparently, I will be in the future as well.


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