Meet Fabian! Full Stack Developer at AKKA Germany

NewsMay 07 2021

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‘’ Since starting here at AKKA I have seen my potential grow exponentially and that for me is my greatest achievement so far. ‘’

Fabian Wimmer

Full Stack Developer


Your role in AKKA

As a Full Stack Developer I have become a reliable and morale-boosting team player on a multitude of projects. When I started in AKKA I could never have imagined the number of people I would get to meet and the opportunities that would be given to me. Within the first couple of weeks I had already been given the chance to join a project that was outside of my expertise. Not only was the project successful but I learned a lot about myself, what I truly am capable of along the way. After receiving a glowing review from an amazing team leader I have become known as the guy to put on a project if we have no one else because “Fabian will figure it out”. That’s how I became known as a kind of ‘Jack of all Trades’.


Your background

I was raised in a very STEM household with a dad working as an electrical engineer at Intel and a mom who was studying to be a radiologist. I was lucky enough to spend my teenage years at an excellent STEM focused middle/high school. Here I was given my first taste of coding at the ripe old age of 12. From that point I was hooked. I loved the challenge coding brought but also how coding let me explore my imagination for what was and what will be possible.

I went to college in Springfield, Massachusetts, a whole ocean away from where I am today, and graduated with a bachelors in Computer Science. Finally, after 10 hard years I was ready to bring my excitement, knowledge and go-getter attitude to the ‘real’ world.


Your achievements

As a student not too long ago, I managed to build a Connect 4 game with an AI opponent. That for me was what really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. It combined my creativity of building an intriguing game play experience with the hunger of wanting to optimize and perfect the AI. Since starting here at AKKA I have seen my potential grow exponentially and that for me is my greatest achievement so far here at AKKA. I got to improve my soft skills by interacting directly with clients and my coding skills have improved immensely due to the amazing variety of projects I was given the opportunity to work on. In my personal life my greatest success has and will always be the support system I have built up around me of friends, family and coworkers because without the right foundation the building will always crumble.


How do your friends describe you and what do you do in your spare time?

I would like to think that my friends see me as someone who is reliable, trustworthy and in general a fun person to be around. My friends know that I am a big Magic the Gathering player, board game enthusiast and an avid lover of video games both old and new. This might be where I developed the critical thinking skills sometimes needed in the world of programming.

When the weather and the world permits it we often go out for hikes, mountain biking and boating all in an effort to see just a small part of the vast world we live in.

With what little time I have left I try to expand my knowledge into the world of finance and statistics, imagining the different ways a software program could outthink even the best of the world’s stock traders and statisticians.