Meet Federica! Project Safety Leader in the Automotive sector at AKKA Italy

NewsMarch 12 2021

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Who you are and your role at AKKA?

My name is Federica Mammoli and I’m a Functional Safety Engineer at AKKA Italy. I’ve joined the Automotive team in July 2019 – I knew AKKA during the career days at University of Trieste, and it was a pleasure for me when they offered me to join their team. Since then I’ve been specializing in Functional Safety, an engineering branch which might be little-known, but in fact it protects millions of people from hazards, daily. Our mission is to prevent dangerous failures in automotive systems, in order to make them free from unacceptable risks for the final user. I’m responsible for monitoring automotive projects in terms of compliance with the ISO26262 standard. Joining the Functional Safety team at Automotive Lighting, I’ve been enjoying a friendly and inclusive working environment which allows me to collaborate with colleagues from all over Europe and to learn from their working style. I find it incredibly inspiring.

At AKKA I’m also involved in technical recruiting activities to source candidates for open positions and to lend their tech background. Our goal is to find quality technical talent from a sourcing pipeline to match the hiring manager’s requirements. This can help to be well-connected with new potential employees, leading to better hires.


Your background

I graduated as Biomedical Engineer at University of Trieste in 2019. My interdisciplinary path allowed me to get to know several academic disciplines and to think across the boundaries. During my studies, I experienced the research field at University of Trieste and IIT – Italian Institute of Technologies. Thus, I had the chance to work globally on different projects, which lead me to achieve my first scientific publication in 2017. The research experience taught me to always be curious, open-minded and keen on new challenges. That’s why, in 2019, when AKKA offered me to join its Automotive team, I accepted the challenge.


Why AKKA offering is unique for our clients?

I think AKKA employees are passionate about what they do and how they can make every client project a success. One can easily reach out to another team that has worked on a similar project, to tap into their expertise and experience. The people here are very open to share their know-how and advice, especially with graduates. AKKA culture values the new perspectives, ideas, and energy that graduates bring to the company.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA?

Even while I was studying, I knew I wanted to work in a dynamic environment as it would allow me to improve my intercultural, language, and communication skills, as well as broaden my general technical skills. And I find it at AKKA. Its dynamic nature always appealed to me and I truly like the process of change and transformation, continuously learning new things, meeting and working with people from different countries and cultures with different skillsets and experiences. I must confess it’s quite challenging sometimes: I find myself taking on tasks that I’ve never taken on before or taking the initiative to drive conversations towards a certain cause that I believe in. Not always easy, but I’m ready to challenge myself.