Meet Janina! Head of Project Lifecycle Assurance at AKKA Germany

NewsFebruary 12 2021

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Who you are and your role at AKKA?

Hi, my name is Janina and at AKKA I’m the Head of “Project Lifecycle Assurance (PLA)“ at AKKA BU Germany. PLA is a new division within the BU since November 2020. Our responsibilities and tasks are to establish standardized Project Management processes and tools. Our main goal is to provide guidance and structure for our projects and project managers and by that increasing the excellence in project delivery. 

After work, you’ll always find me in the horse stable enjoying time with my horse. Those times are important for me as a balance after hard-working days.


Your background 

 I studied Production Management and before I started at AKKA I worked for 5 years at Bosch in Belgium in the area of production planning and control. During almost 9 years with AKKA, I held many different positions and gained experience in different entities and divisions. My main career steps were in Management Consulting, Program Management, Project Management in our Prototype Factory and Project Performance Improvement.


Why AKKA offering is unique for our clients?

“We accelerate innovation and business for the digital industrial world”, I couldn’t agree more with our motto! Digital transformation applies to all of us. AKKA enables our clients to improve their performance, create tomorrow’s innovations and find the most appropriate efficient and effective digital solutions. We are unique because our people give all to assist and support our clients with expertise, passion and courage.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA? (Challenging projects; the team; mobility etc.)

Working at AKKA is never is boring! Challenging projects with personal responsibility and always the chance for great solutions. During my career at AKKA I’ve always met great colleagues, fantastic team workers and now even more great team members in PLA. Despite the currently difficult economic situation, I’m looking forward to improving AKKA’s Excellence in Delivery to emerge stronger than before. 


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