Meet Jindřich! Business manager & Strategic Marketing at AKKA Czech Republic

NewsJanuary 26 2021

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Tell me about your background and culture, where you took off and how it evolved.

Since I was born in a mid-sized city in the Czech Republic called České Budějovice, I used to spend a lot of time in nature, with my family and my friends. A lot of time I was surrounded by a few or a lot of people. A lot of those were inspiring for me for any reason. That’s why I feel comfortable working with people and why do I prefer teamwork on most activities, rather than do it alone. But sometimes it is more efficient to be an individual performer, and especially in systematic or analytic. Not only those facts gave me assumptions to develop my communication skills based on trust, openness and empathy.

Cars attracted me a lot, when I was a kid, my dream job was to be a styling designer and therefore I studied at Czech Technical University in Prague a Mechanical design, later focused on Body-In-White topics.

Regarding my career path, I’ve started as a BIW designer, then Project Leader and my latest and current position in Sales Management & Strategic Marketing.

This inspiring experience with interesting people shows me, that I still have a lot of space to move forward, but now more than ever I know, why it is important to work on myself and having a chance to work with great people, joining them together and using their strong skills is something, what could ensure really exceptional results.


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your professional/academic career?

At the university, I got a chance to be a member of CTU CarTech, Formula Student/SAE Team, this affected my career significantly, in my communication skills and also teamwork. Hand by hand being seen in a few public media sometimes is what I am very proud of. And during my professional career? Let me mention few independent topics:

Internal project – the first project of equipment for handicapped people I’ve done for our company in the Czech Republic, which ends with training machine for handicapped people, developed by me and my team, currently serial produced.

Leading a few difficult projects at the same time – Innovations, Serial Development for BIW topics with an international team and being part of a pre-development project of Showcar for the same customer.

Many soft-skills I got a chance to have through participation in a few international events of AKKA, like OnTrack and similar events, representing our company and also the Czech Republic (yes, I’m a patriot!)


What interested you in AKKA?

Colleagues, friendly colleagues around me all the time since I became a member of our company. This is the strongest side of our company. Great colleagues are the main source of power, energy and the environment around me. This is what impresses me the most!

I strongly believe that a good relationship environment at work, based on trust, openness and valid communication are the values for the company I want to work for.


Tell me your hobbies/interests.

My family, children, close friends, colors, painting, sketching, art, design, sounds of piano, saxophone, violin and electric guitar, nature… You name it!


Tell me about the greatest thing you’ve learned from a colleague/mentor.

This is a great question to mention. I don’t want to highlight someone’s statement in front of someone else, because I’ve learned great things from a lot of people and in several situations I am glad, to have an experience from a wide range of interesting people. I think, important is to smile wherever you can, making a small pleasure every day and be kind. Listen more than talk, being an origin for your closest environment and to go sleep every day a little bit smarter.