Meet Julie! Head of Department at AKKA France

NewsApril 16 2021

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Your role and story in AKKA

I have worked for AKKA since 2008, and I’m currently managing the retrofit department within Service Bulletins and Customer Services. I have a team of around 30 people who are supporting the Optional Service Bulletins activities for Airbus Commercial Aircrafts. We participate in the whole process of Optional Service Bulletins: from the creation of technical offers to the management of the production planning and the authoring of the Optional Service bulletins.

We are proud to contribute to the satisfaction of Airbus’ end customers.


Your background

After six years in the Mechanical Design Offices of specialist vehicles and aeronautical structures, I joined AKKA where I moved to the Aeronautical Maintenance and Customer Support domain. This is where I had my first opportunity to grow as a Head of Department. In this role, I participated in the development of brand-new aircraft (in terms of documentation), which is always exciting for me.


Why AKKA offering is unique for our clients? 

Because we have lots of innovative projects, solid technical expertise and we are focused on customer satisfaction!

We are developing our agility toward our customers by leaning our processes and digitalizing our production. We also want to build a streamlined digital aircraft documentation process by integrating our Service Bulletin and Technical Data skills and methods. Our strength is the combination of our aerospace knowledge and experience and our multiple skills in the digital domain. We can accompany our current and future customers end to end to deliver added value.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA? 

In one word: rich! I always worked in teams with people coming from different backgrounds, where there are always new things to learn. My very first mission in AKKA has allowed me to create a great relationship with a new customer, which made me very proud.

We succeeded in building transnational and multi-cultural teams in AKKA, working altogether and using harmonized processes. The main word is flexibility, and I like inventing new solutions to meet the customer’s expectations. I like collaborating with others and building bridges to innovate and create new business opportunities. “Thinking out of the box” is what I try to apply every day. This is made possible thanks to the great diversity of people, projects, and skills AKKA offers.


How do your friends describe you and your spare time?

My friends see me as someone determined, rational, intellectual, but also attentive and empathetic. I prefer listening rather than speaking. Above all I like humor and I need a minimum of arts and nature in my daily life! I keep peaceful moments to escape and recharge my batteries: I like reading good books and doing yoga.