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NewsDecember 23 2020

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Your role in AKKA

My AKKA story begins in 2017 when I joined the company for a mission at Thales Alenia Space in Belgium as an engineer in charge of the verification and validation of satellite electronics.

One of the first things I noticed is how AKKA lets consultants complement their missions with corporate roles, while still maintaining a good work-life balance. It’s a great way to connect people to the company even when at the client site. Today I fulfill the role of Site Leader, I am a Coach in power electronics and I have had the opportunity of being a speaker in our Competency Clubs!

Being Site Leader is something I truly enjoy! I assure a direct link between AKKA and our people in the field. But being Site Leader does not only mean offering support to colleagues on site, you also act as a reference for both Business Manager and client. I actively support AKKA’s business by helping my Business Manager understand customer’s requirements and favoring synergies between the two companies.

As a coach, I work closely with our HR Business Partner when colleagues need help on their mission or on general topics in electronics. I believe that mentoring and coaching are key values in a company because they favor knowledge sharing and personal growth.

A global company also means global opportunities. Recently, I had the chance to be a coach at the AKKAdemy, AKKA’s Graduate Program. I met so many talented and motivated people there! Coaching young talents does not only give me satisfaction but also creates a professional link throughout the company.

In Belgium, we also have Competency Clubs. They allow colleagues and external speakers to present different technology topics. I have f.ex. presented the future of the space sector and the current challenges of the New Space approach during one of our Mobility and Defence Club sessions.

For me, a career in AKKA means a 360° experience that allows combining an engineering passion with an interesting business component.


Your background

I graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2009 with a thesis on semi-active suspensions for a major motorbike manufacturer. After that, I chose the opportunity I found most promising and joined one of the top Italian companies in the EMS sector as a Test Engineer. I have since then evolved in different functions, gaining also experience in people and customer expectations management.

I am always looking for the next challenge and always set the bar a little higher, and when AKKA offered me a dream mission in the space sector, in a new country, within a multicultural and fast-paced company, it was my perfect next step!


Your achievements

There are some episodes of my career that I am truly proud of.

In 2019, we had a particularly important milestone to reach during a project and a key aspect in this challenge was to reach the milestone before our competitors did. The situation was simple: the first one to reach the target would have had a significant business advantage. It required a lot of hard work and motivation from the team, but we succeeded with full customer satisfaction!

What I am most proud of? The trust that the customer has placed in me. I consider this the biggest achievement in my mission. It is a true recognition of your excellence in delivering the expected results and the added value you bring.


How do your friends describe you and your spare time?

My friends describe me as a social and available person with a big passion for technology and human sciences.  I always have been interested in understanding how things work, not only technically but also the human side of it. This interest drives me to continuously study both mechanical dynamics and social ones, reading about technical sciences and technology, but also psychology and sociology.

My friends recognize the fact that I firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance, and everyone should have equal opportunity to demonstrate their value.


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