Meet Marija! Business Manager of the Aerospace unit at AKKA Middle-East

NewsAugust 31 2021

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Your background:

As Graduated Economist in Business Development, I have kicked off my career in the Banking sector, where I developed excellent skills in customer service. The seven years I’ve spent in the industry have deepened my knowledge especially in retail banking products and customer service.

Being an outgoing and curious person and willing to explore new environments and taking risks allowed me to start my international career path in the Middle East.

I am currently based in Dubai, working as Business Manager for AKKA Middle East in the Aerospace Business Unit.

‘’ Set yourself high goals and don’t let the fear take the best out of you. Stay humble on the way. ‘’


Business Manager at AKKA Middle-East


Your Role and Story in AKKA and Your Achievement:

I have joined AKKA in January 2019, as Key Account Coordinator. Since then I have grown to Business Manager and I’ve been part of the creation of the Aerospace Business Unit of AKKA Middle East, covering the global presence in the Aviation market. As Business Manager I am responsible for managing AKKA’s relationship with our valuable customers, such as OEMs, Airlines, MROs and support the career growth of our high qualified Engineers. Particularly proud of creating and managing a stable Aerospace Business Unit in the era of COVID-19, that is leaving a trademark globally and provides only the best of service to our clientele.

AKKA’s solutions cover a full range of aerospace and aviation challenges that allow us to bring our comprehensive knowledge of design, management and service to deliver effective solutions for our customers.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA? (Challenging projects; the team; mobility etc.)

Being part of AKKA is a privilege and I am lucky enough to enjoy it. The time we are living in is unique and challenging itself, so being in the Aerospace industry has brought probably the biggest challenges so far, this industry has faced. However, the support of the Group and the management has been crucial, and we have grown and adjusted together into stronger individuals. The possibility of international mobilization within the Group is definitely an asset of AKKA and being able to work with talents from all around the world is what makes the experience remarkable.


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