Meet Michael! Software Development Team Leader at AKKA Austria

NewsApril 09 2021

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Tell me about your background and culture, where you took off and how it evolved.

I’m Michael and I’m leading the software development team of AKKA Austria. Because my father was working as a software engineer, computers have been a big part of my life from a very young age. I can still remember the excitement of having my own IBM 80286. This passion allowed me to begin my studies in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz. After obtaining my degree I joined AKKA.


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve overcome in your professional/academic career?

My biggest challenge was a professional transition from software development to project management (and subsequently team leader).

Today, I try to use every opportunity to keep a hands-on approach when tackling new projects. I have never lost my satisfaction for programming and learning new things.


What interested you in AKKA? 

After finishing my studies, I was looking for a position in Software Engineering and I joined AKKA in 2009. For 12 years I have had the unique opportunity of a challenging project and a high degree of personal responsibility from the very beginning. The different projects across a variety of fields has always kept me interested and curious on future challenges.


Tell me your hobbies/interests.

Since I spend many hours in front of a computer, I try to balance it out by spending my free time outdoors. I am an enthusiastic hobby photographer and love to combine it with hiking or bicycle trips. I have recently looked for new endeavors and I picked up the piano.


Tell me about the greatest thing you’ve learned from a colleague/mentor.

I am in the lucky position to have many wonderful colleagues and I am constantly trying to learn from them. In a way, they are all mentors to me.


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