Meet Murillo! Senior Field Service Representative at AKKA Middle-East

NewsAugust 20 2021

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Your background:

Professional of technical area with MBA in Project Management and Enterprise Management. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering. Career path mainly in the aviation industry, aeronautical maintenance, and engineering activities, with focus on technical areas of Airlines, MRO and manufacturers.

Started in aviation as Technical Support Engineer joining an airline company in 2006. Along with my career, leaded multi-disciplined teams, being in charge of supporting all related activities of maintenance, repairs, modification, overhauling and capacitation of aircraftS and components.

‘’ Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. ‘’


Senior Field Service Representative at AKKA Middle-East


Your Role and Your Achievement:

In 2015 was invited to join AKKA in Brazil and work as Field Service Rep for the A350 Entry-into-Service. In this role, you are responsible for implementing the support function, assisting aircraft operation and thus developing the required working relationship with the airline to achieve our obligations towards the customers.

As job responsibilities, you need to provide technical assistance to the airlines engineering, maintenance and operation departments (especially during EIS for new projects) as well as guidance for proper troubleshooting and maintenance activities, ensuring good and proper communication between Airlines and Manufacturers in order to fulfill Customer’s expectation.

Afterward, became Senior FSR in a long-term assignment to a key customer in Latin America, providing management and detailed expertise reports, gathering data and intelligence to improve aircraft maturity database to all departments in the company, prioritizing effectively customer needs with available services and products.


How would you describe your experience at AKKA? (Challenging projects; the team; mobility etc.)

AKKA delivers to the employees the opportunity to work inside the aviation, close to the customers and live their routine. For sure, the first moments in the field to cover the operation and assure the reliability along with the EIS for the A350 and A320neo were amazing and challenged. No matter the time, weather, or place, as FSR you need to be there, assisting the customer by liaising with the maintenance and flight crews to achieve the highest service level, safety standard, and customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, mobility and flexibility are key.

On top, you need to have the ability to work independently, communicate in a trustful manner and be customer-oriented. Very few jobs and companies like AKKA can dare your skills and improve your development. Welcome on-board.


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