Meet Philippe! Head of Multi-Physics and Data-Science division at AKKA France

NewsDecember 13 2021

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Could you please introduce yourself and your role at AKKA?

I’m Philippe Castel and I joined AKKA in 2011 just after finishing my studies. I began to work on Powerplant Integration for Airbus Future Project Office. I grew up in this first role on different jobs for aircraft and engine manufacturers where I evolved through work and project leader. In 2019 I was nominated as Head of a department including Data Science competencies, a domain quite new for me and the division but with a great perspective of evolution. In 2020 I took on the role of Head of the division and from that moment I’ve been pushing to evolve and integrate the Digital into our legacy work.


‘’ For several years now, we have embraced digital in our work to promote a new vision of engineering. ‘’

Philippe Castel

Head of Multi-Physics and Data-Science division at AKKA France


Why AKKA offering is unique for our clients?

AKKA has a unique offer where Digital and legacy jobs are merged. This new way of working is very interesting and efficient for our clients. The transformation’s not just a word since it’s must be followed by concrete objectives and case studies together with the right mindset. And that’s what we want to be, the translators of needs for our clients to be able to analyze and conceive of them like a true Digital engineer.


As Head of Multiphysics and Data Science could you describe the main activities of your division and how do you support your customers?

In the division, we are mainly on the physical domain topics, concerning the aerospace you can find all our activities around the Flight Science, the handling qualities, aircraft performance, fluid dynamics, mass properties & loads. This core domain is supplemented by data competencies, MBSE and multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization. We are supporting our client mainly through our work package and technical assistance when needed, from the definition to the production.


For more information contact the Multi-Physics and Data-Science division at THIS email address!