Meet Rene (Gunny) Neubacher!

NewsJanuary 19 2021

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Your role at AKKA

I am Part Quality Engineer responsible for engines, transmissions, and fastener systems. To ensure the quality of these parts, I work closely with suppliers and MBUSI workers to manage part shipment, necessary reworks, and correct installation.

Your background

I then transitioned into the position of Series Planner. From Series Planning, I moved to become an EVS Development Engineer. Finally, I moved to Part Quality Engineering where I reside now. Prior to my career in the US, I worked in Germany as a mechanic. After 5 years, I served in the German military. I decided I wanted to pursue engineering; therefore, I went to school and became a design engineer.

Your achievements

Working in automotive manufacturing, I am constantly faced with new challenges. In order to provide quality vehicles, MBUSI’s engineers need to be proficient in the understanding of all aspects of the job. If I am lacking a skillset or knowledge in a subject, I seek out resources to learn. My largest achievement in my career is my growing work ethic and desire to learn. I make sure that I am knowledgeable of my engines, transmissions, and fastener systems to the highest extent. If I see a lack of support in my departments or surrounding groups, I work to fix that. In my time here, I have grown to become the most valuable PQE by my problem solving and innate flexibility with tough situations and tough people.

How do your friends describe you?

I truly cannot answer this question so I ask a colleague of mine to submit me a statement.

“Gunny is one of the hardest working individuals I know; he is passionate and dedicated in all that he does, whether it is with engines and transmissions or his hobbies and family. He is constantly seeking out tasks. He goes beyond the standard of the PQE position. He ensures the parts are of quality from their creation outside of Daimler to the installation on the line. Gunny communicates with every group, company, and individual that has a part in handling engines, transmissions, and fastener systems. By forming relationships with just about every employee at MBUSI, it is obvious that he is extremely personable and intelligent. Although he often comes off as sarcastic or stark, it is obvious he truly cares about his job and the people he works with. It is an honor to work alongside him.”

Before you ask, Gunny is a given nickname of mine!

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