Meet Sandra! Project Manager at AKKA Germany

NewsDecember 23 2020

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Your role and story in akka

My name is Sandra Bonnin, I am French and I work for AKKA Germany since 2017 as Project Manager on a cross-sector France/Germany project for Airbus Helicopters Customer Support Order Administration in Donauwörth.

I lead a team of 30 Key Logistics Mangers fully involved on Customer Support activities for the German Civil & Governmental fleet.

We are dealing with worldwide Airbus end-customers & subsidiaries requests for Spares parts, Repair & overhaul, Warranty, Part by Hours contracts and back-Office resource allocations. We treat customers’ requests on a commercial and Logistics aspect from the order keying, delivery of new, used or repaired parts to the invoicing.

My objective is to improve quality, reliability, support in terms of Methods and tool development, performance, to satisfy Airbus customers and able them to fulfill properly their missions.


Your background

I have 12 years’ experience in Airbus Helicopters Customer Support on the French fleet. First as KLM in Warranty department and have been promoted 3 years later as Warranty Project Leader. After the operative business, I could then extend my Leadership skills.


Your achievements

I am proud to have been able to build, federate and manage a Team that fights each day to satisfy worldwide customers on their mission (rescue, emergency medical services, Public services, Oil & Gaz…). AKKA France & Germany are working hard together to harmonize and optimize processes and performance. We enhanced our turnover of on CSOA activities and I hope to win the next 5 years proposal.


How do your friends describe you and your spare time?

The feedback I get from friends & Team colleagues is mainly based on my “humanity”. They like my energy, my empathy, the fact that I keep calm and never give up despite all issues I can face, and that I am always available to support them. They are also happy to see that women can be fully invested at work, get responsibilities, and take care of at the same time as a family.

In my free time, I like traveling with my family, I practice Zumba and I’m learning a 4th language.


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