Rebuild a large landscape of independent legacy applications into a shared platform of integrated solutions

NewsFebruary 17 2021

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Meet Marcel, Senior Product & UX/UI Designer in the Financial industry.


Please describe your current role

“As a Product & UX Designer, I help organizations discover, build and deliver products and experiences that create business and user value, but also to foster and advance a user-focused, data-driven and agile mindset and culture.

In this role I support and guide the creation of digital, user-centered tools and products end-to-end, tailoring the process to the needs of each project together with the team. This covers anything, from strategy to research to ideation, all the way to pixel-perfect mockups and the roll-out.”


How have you actively contributed to the Digital transformation of our client?

“The insurance industry has currently a vast amount of extremely valuable data, often unused or siloed-off by hierarchy or history.

Embedded in cross-functional teams, we rebuild a large landscape of independent legacy applications into a shared platform of integrated solutions, built on the same, modern tech stack.

Based on the design thinking model, we define vertically integrated user journeys, redesign each tool from a user-first perspective, using a design system, and help implement state-of-the-art analytics to improve the data-driven development in the future.

Using this holistic system approach, it’s now easier to aggregate, analyze and share data across the entire organization. This helps business experts to be more effective and the business gaining much deeper insights based on a big, easy-to-access data pool.”


What do you like about AKKA Switzerland, about AKKA as a group?

“AKKA Switzerland provides all the support and freedom needed for me to be successful in working on the client’s project. Ensuring a good cultural fit helps me tremendously to bring out my best and provide excellent value for the customer.”

How do you see the insurance sector in the future?

“The industry landscape is shifting quite rapidly, with new players and global dynamics challenging the status quo and its established players.

One key topic will be the transformation of an organization’s culture to a user-centric, data-driven mindset, embracing incubator qualities, to enable it to innovate and adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment and new challenges.

Seamless integration of the highly specialized and complex tooling used for underwriting will be a big factor to achieve the required operational agility. On one side it allows the continuous evolution of the user-facing experience and underlying technology. On the other hand, the potential to provide solutions,  integrations, or entire eco-systems to clients and end-users directly, owning the value chain end-to-end.”


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