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Respect, courage,

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Three values have been the pillars of AKKA Technologies since the very beginning:

  • Respect for our employees and clients,
  • Courage to commit to innovation and
  • technological Ambition.

Those values, together with our Passion for Technologies and our expertise in turnkey solutions, have enabled us to win our clients’ trust.



Our values


Guided by the desire to innovate in serving our clients and a passion for technologies, the Group developed an entrepreneurial spirit with a consistent and visionary strategy based on the four pillars: Clients, Geography, Sector and Finance.



Our commitments


AKKA Technologies is committed to its social responsibilities:

  • Being member of the Board of Directors of Syntec-Numérique reinforces our status as consulting and engineering professionals in terms of system engineering and innovative product development.

  • As an active member of Syntec-Ingénierie, AKKA Technologies works hand in hand with the federation of engineering professionals and strictly applies their code of ethics.

  • As a member of the UN Global Compact, AKKA Technologies commits to the corporate sustainability principles set by the international initiative. This means operating in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in areas such as human rights, labour, environment etc. The Group also publishes an annual Global Compact document, naming the actions taken during the year.

  • Signatory of the Charter of Diversity, AKKA Technologies commits to cultural and ethnic diversity by carrying out several corporate actions.

  • All AKKA Technologies subsidiaries lead an Eco-Attitude policy and raise awareness among their employees.

  • Each subsidiary enforces our Code of Business Conduct.

  • You will find our CSR Report 2016 by clicking here.

Code of Conduct

The objective of this Code of Conduct is equally to share the company’s values amongst all employees, managers and partners (shareholders, suppliers, clients, etc.).

It is a code of business and ethical conduct.

You will the Code of Conduct by clicking here.


Signature of the disability agreement within France

Since the establishment of the Mission Handicap five years ago, AKKA Technologies encourages the recruitment of people with disabilities.

We have specific recruitment plans and organize information campaigns and activities such as HANDIKAP by AKKA in order to raise awareness among our partners.

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