Optimization of Purchasing Process

Lean purchasing levers higher savings

Purchasing function took a giant leap from being an operational element to a domain of high strategic importance in the last two decades. Current fast-paced volatile markets with peak competition demand increased focus on the strategic approach of purchasing. On the contrary, operational activities have hindered organizational and strategic optimization:

  • Order planning and creation consumes more than one-third of buyer’s capacity
  • Scheduling and expediting activities are redundant more often than not and take up one fourth of buyer’s capacity
  • Incoming goods clarification and invoice verification are as well classical time consuming activities

Our benefits

Delivering clear and measurable results to our clients is core of our DNA. With our initiatives to increase savings we help our clients to:

  • Reduce process time through elimination of redundant or unnecessary activities
  • Improve efficiency by focusing on value-adding activities
  • Bring in innovative solutions for process automation and digitalization


  • 25 projects have been successfully carried out
  • 15 – 30% time reduction in operative purchasing processes
  • 5 – 10% Material cost reduction/savings by utilizing the created capacity for strategic activities

Feb 20 2019

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Lean Purchasing Processes