Outsourcing solution

Together, let’s draw the most efficient solution for your production in emerging markets.

The industrial and electronic sector is entering in a new age, with the Internet of Things, connectivity, robotics, and 3D printing becoming increasingly central to our lives and organizations. In our highly technological world, we rely heavily on our outsourcing skills and assets to provide the best quality at the best price for our clients.

When we talk about outsourcing today, we are not only thinking about cost reduction.

With the diversity of all the skills we have gathered under one roof, we are learning and improving the way we are working and our knowledge base in this critical area.

Doing outsourcing or offshoring is a matter of mindset and relationships matter. We can share with you all the benefits we have established with our partners and our subsidiaries.

AKKA has a multilingual workforce with delivery centers in over 22 countries including India, Morocco and Romania, considered as our preferred offshore & nearshore countries.

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