What our engineers say

"AKKA provides us the platform to acquire skills for those who are motivated and passionate.
This attitude inspires and rejuvenates us every day and helps us to put it in our work. In our team, we value each other’s ideas and their qualities. This attitude strengthens us in tackling hurdles and meeting the big challenges head on."

“At AKKA no two days are the same. We work in a very dynamic environment and with our customers, deliver tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This means each of us must explore new directions, react with agility under ever changing conditions and keep up to date with all the latest technology. In addition, we have at our fingertips almost every necessary tool and piece of engineering infrastructure in-house at AKKA which differentiates us from our competitors”.

“The year I joined AKKA was the year of immense growth for the Group, which meant that projects took an entirely different scale. Everything had to be taken to the next level, I naturally found myself evolving. I was given opportunities and support, that strengthened me professionally and personally. We’ve created a strong bond and understanding in a short period of time. I strongly believe that the coming year will be even better.”

“Having joined AKKA in 2016, I was given the opportunity to come back home just one year after. Thanks to the international mobility process, efficient communication, and highly-dedicated HR people who supported me, I was able to move closer to home while working with one of our most important customers in the space sector, with people who shared the very values and passion that appealed to me during my first interview."

"Working at AKKA, I enjoy the dynamic environment, the varied and challenging projects, and the opportunity to interact with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures."

"I was first introduced to AKKA in 2016 through my university hockey club project Engineers Prague which has a strong partnership with the company. Today I am proud to be part of AKKA as a Business Manager. After just one month, I am excited about what the future holds as I have met so many interesting and knowledgeable colleagues. They welcomed me immediately and have given me the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table."