Modelling and Simulation Engineer




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Operations — Engineering



Mindestanforderungen Erfahrungsniveau

3 bis 5 Jahre





Job description

You take part in modeling activities applied to avionics systems engineering activities (Design, V&V) or related to the development of simulation software for A/C pilot simulators.

Roles and Responsibilities

The work consists on Modelling activities and the main tasks consist on:

·         Collection of user needs and feasibility analysis

·         Specification of the model evolution and definition of V&V plan

·         Implementation of model change in the modelling framework

·         Code generation and unit tests

·         Support integration’s team for model integration on Aircraft’s simulators

·         Ensure functional validation

·         Deliver model release (Software and documentation)

·         Provide support for the operating phase of the model

Desired Candidate Profile

·         Education: Masters or PhD degree in aeronautics/engineering school

·         Generic Skills:

o   3+ Years of experience on modelling activities for avionics system (flight control, autopilot, engine, Display and Alerting)

o   Aeronautical system engineering background

·         Specific Skills:

o   Good knowledge on modelling design tools: (Simulink, SCADE …)

o   Ability to debug on Simulators with the help of model’s specification or avionics system specification

o   Ability to write technical documentation


·         Soft skills:

o   Ability to communicate well with team and customer

o   Problem solving skill to quickly and properly assess a situation

o   Adaptability, Curiosity, Rigor, Autonomy

o   Good written and oral communication skills

o   English intermediate level is mandatory

Key Skills

·         Aeronautics system engineering background

·         Knowledge on aircraft systems Avionics Protocol: A429, AFDX, A664, A825

·         Modeling & Simulation

·         Necessary skills:

o   Languages: C, Python

o   OS: Windows and Linux

o   Modelling tools: Simulink, SCADE

o   Product Management and version control: Jira, SVN, Git

Mandatory Skills :

-          Modelling Standard: AMO2633, AP2633

-          Modelling & Simulation Framework: SL2AP, SimWorks, MEXICO, SIGMA

-          Airbus Simulation Runtime: ASPIC, MSRE, OSMA

-          Airbus Simulators: SIMPA/OSMA, VSIM-D/ OCASIME, VSIM-T/PLFREF, VSIM-I, A/C0.



Modelling and Simulation Engineer.

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