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1.     Cost management

-       To fulfill the contracted targets: parts costs, tooling’s costs,

o   Those targets will be defined by customer at the time of sourcing decision.

o   No deviation will be allowed from sourcing decision till the end of the project and the transfer to mass production team, unless commonly agreed and contracted perimeter evolution.

-       To deliver report about the cost overview and the related analysis at the critical project milestones and at each project’s monthly report.

This includes:

o   To take part in cost down activities i.e. Reviews and cost discussions to ensure the entire project budget

o   To supply customer details about all changes affecting cost.

o   customer will not recognize claims for cost which have been incurred by the supplier as a result of engineering actions taken without prior agreement from customer

o   To lead the VAVE process during the project

§  To collect the low cost concepts

§  To evaluate the above concepts with customer under the module strategy and the related technical requirement

§  To track the implementation of the approved low cost concepts in the project

To animate the global carry over on the project’s scope. Any part which leaves the carry over scope must be subjected to the exemption process and must be validated by customer


1.     Purchasing

The Service Provider will be in charge of purchasing activities of the program, in coordination with customer Direct Material purchasing division, from TKOM phase till end of signature of all the FETE in coordination with design engineer and Supplier development manager. 
Final sourcing decision to select direct suppliers remains under customer responsibility.

This includes:
-        Checking the robustness and conformity of supplier quotes, compared to RFQ package content, to allow customer Direct buyers to select the best suppliers with reliable data.
-        Guaranteeing and executing the supplier contract (Technical, costs, timing, quality, performance…), from supplier selection till end of development, industrialization and ramp up phases:

The Service Provider will manage supplier relationship through convenient meetings (monthly synthesis meetings, escalation meetings and whatever seems appropriate to guarantee the result)
In case of modifications / change requests coming from customer, the Service Provider will be responsible of change request management with suppliers, and if needed, of appropriate negotiations with suppliers, in accordance with program targets.
The Service Provider will prepare the documents and data to allow customer Direct buyers to realize ED&D purchase orders when requested, pre-serial and serial (mass production) parts purchase orders (and/or orders updates) till End of mission.
The Service Provider will have to monitor supplier industrialization timing plan and to prepare capacity run at rate at supplier plants. The Service Provider will have to guarantee that suppliers meet the customer’ plant delivery schedule and quantities during the industrialization and ramp up phases.
The Service Provider will be responsible of suppliers’ part conformity as process conformity, according to the program development and industrialization timing plan.
In case of any foreseen supplier delay, the Service Provider will have to define and put in place requested action plans with suppliers till return to a normal situation.
The Service Provider will ensure and confirm that suppliers meet the requested contractual capacity and the expected quality level at the start of regular production.

Generally speaking, the Service Provider will be responsible of supplier management during the contract time, from start date till end of development, industrialization and ramp up phases.

In addition, the Service Provider will have
-        to capture all changes in pricing (tools and part prices) from contract start date to start of regular production,
-        to ensure purchasing data robustness for cost reporting in cooperation with Program cost & Finance manager
-        to evaluate part price and vendor tooling risks and opportunities.

At the end of the mission, the Service Provider will present and release a “End of mission / handover” report to customer Direct buyers, including all da

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