Senior design engineer


Avenue Jules Bordet 168 1140 Bruxelles


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Operations — Engineering



Mindestanforderungen Ausbildungsniveau

Master / Diplom


Luft- und Raumfahrt

Mindestanforderungen Erfahrungsniveau

5 bis 10 Jahre






Brussels Region, Brüssel, Belgien



Akka brings you to Space!

Let’s be part of the Engineering team, several positions are open!

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What about the project?


Within a project / product team, you will be required, in the context of on-board space applications, to define, design, validate and test electronic functions.

You will be responsible of equipment modules at a technical point of view, working in close collaboration with the Technical manager and the Project manager.


What about the missions?


-          Perform electrical specification and system studies

-          Design power, analog and/or digital electronic circuits

-          Use of simulation softwares to validate circuits

-          Perform the design robustness analyses (Margins analysis, Failure Mode analysis, …)

-          Write Reports, Design justifications and various descriptive documents

-          Develop the documentation necessary for product industrialization

-          Participate to prototypes definition, design and tests

-          Write Test specifications, analyze and interpret test results

-          Contribute to technical investigations when the test results are not compliant to the requirements and perform analyzes to solve them.

-          Contribute to internal project reviews within the company, and external reviews with the customers


What about you?

❕ Essential ❕

-          Master in Electronics / Electricity Engineering

-          Thorough knowledge of design of power, analog and digital functions

                            Power converters topologies (buck, boost, flyback…)

Analog electronics (opamps, resistors, capacitors, inductors; bipolar transistors…)

Digital electronics (HCMOS family, PWM drivers…)

-          Excellent knowledge of discrete design techniques (transistor level)

-          Excellent knowledge of regulation loops, stability, rejection, efficiency, etc…

-          Excellent knowledge of EMC aspects

-          Excellent knowledge of design robustness analysis (worst case, part stress, failure mode)

-          Good experience in an electronic lab environment

-          Knowledge of electrical security rules (BA5)

-          Autonomous, rigorous and inventive.

-          Excellent interpersonal skills (leadership, sound judgment, synthesis)

-          Respect budget, planning and able to work to deadlines

-          Good knowledge of English, both spoken and written


❕ Assets ❕


-          Knowledge of MicroCap 10 and Simetrix/Simplis simulators

-          Previous working experience in the space or aeronautical field

-          Familiar with Agile method and Scrum framework

-          Knowledge of Dutch and/or French

-          Mobility between Leuven and Charleroi.

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