Technical Reporting Specialist




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Operations — Engineering/production

Secteur Industriel


Niveau d'études minimum requis

Bac +5 / Ingénieur

Niveau d'expérience

3 à 5 ans

Temps de travail

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  • The role of the Technical Reporting Specialist consists of assessing and reporting to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or type certification (TC) holders such as Airbus and Boeing, structural and other aircraft related defects which cannot be rectified in accordance with the standard approved and applicable maintenance data. They are responsible to follow through the queries and ensure feedback from the concerned OEMs and/or TCs is available on time as per daily operational requirements. Technical Reporting Specialists are also responsible in compiling reports and keeping all concerned stake holders update with the status of the queries they are responsible for.
  • To promote a positive Safety Culture and to ensure that Safety and Quality Policy is communicated/promoted and implemented within the Organization;
  • To ensure that all elements of the SMS are properly implemented, maintained and continuously improved by fulfilling all SMS related duties and responsibilities as defined in SMS Manual;
  • Perform assessment and analysis of defects found on aircraft during maintenance events;
  • Collect information by liaising with the responsible personnel in operations;
  • Take, edit and prepare photographs, scrubbings and mappings to be included later in a damage report;
  • Compile high quality damage reports and/or technical queries with the intent to obtain feasible solutions;
  • Support with clarifying maintenance data that is incomplete or/else not accurate by liaising with the corresponding OEMs and/or TCs;
  • Obtain approval from OEMs and/or TCs for the use of alternate materials and parts when procurement of such parts and materials in time proves to be difficult;
  • Obtain approval from OEMs and/or TCs for alternate means of compliance when performing aircraft maintenance procedures as necessary;
  • Raising TechRequests or Service Requests ensuring that the content is as accurate as possible;
  • Using applicable web applications and other software as necessary such as but not limited to AirbusWorld and MyBoeingFleet to communicate and liaising with OEMs and TC holders;
  • Ensure that any Part 21J documentation such as but not limited to Repair Design Approval Sheets (RDAS), Technical Adaptations (TA) and FAA 8100-3/9 approving the repairs and the procedures provided by the TCs and the OEMs are available in time before aircraft in maintenance are released to service;
  • Check and supervise the work done by Technical Reporting Specialist– Trainees before being submitted to the OEMs and/or TC holders;
  • Compile daily reports to keep all concerned stake holders informed and updated on the latest status updates related to the queries under his/her own responsibility;
  • Review for completeness and accuracy the feedback received from OEMs and TCs and ensure this feedback is available to operational personnel for further processing.


  • Good command of the English language.
  • Can read and interpret maintenance data such as but not limited to the AMM, IPC, TSM, CMM.
  • Good knowledge and experience with the use and interpretation of the applicable Structural Repair Manuals (SRMs).
  • Can read and interpret detailed Technical Drawings and Assembly Drawings.
  • Be IT literate and be able to use microsoft office suite applications such as but not limited to (Word, Excel, powerpoint and Outlook).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Be a good team player.
  • Be ready to work shifts and/or flexible hours
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Notre Politique d’embauche participe à améliorer la représentation de la diversité au sein des effectifs du Groupe AKKA. Nos recrutements sont donc ouverts à tous candidats à tous les candidats dont le profil correspond aux caractéristiques et exigences du poste, en dehors de toute autre considération que les qualités et compétences professionnelles.

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