Press releasesJuly 16 2020

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Brussels – July 16, 2020 

AKKA Research, AKKA’s in-house R&D and innovation centre, and ERTICO – ITS Europe, a public-private partnership of approximately 120 companies and organisations, join forces to deliver critical milestones for the 5G-MOBIX project, bringing automated cross-border driving a step closer to reality. In today’s hyper-mobile world, enabling cross-border interoperability plays a critical role in making autonomous possible.

Leveraging its considerable expertise in smart mobility, AKKA Research plays a key role in several work packages of this important multi-year collaborative R&D project which will run until mid-2022.

5G-MOBIX is developing and testing automated vehicle functionalities using 5G core innovations along multiple cross-border corridors and urban trial sites in real-time vehicular traffic, network coverage and service demand conditions.

5G-MOBIX is a project co-financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme, aiming at building a sustainable future for connected and automated vehicles. The project consists of 52 partners from 10 countries and brings together telecom operators and vendors, road operators, car manufacturers and equipment suppliers, with the support of road authorities, telecom authorities, and regional and national governments.

AKKA’s role in 5G- MOBIX project

    • AKKA supports the development of tools required for test data management and analysis for the pilots.
    • AKKA plays a key role on Cybersecurity and Data privacy issues by working with other partners to define guidelines and good practices for vehicles, networks and cloud infrastructures.
    • AKKA carries out the collection and description of standardized APIs (Application Programming Interface) to support edge computing interoperability and will ensure proper embedding of virtual functions to cloud strata, service assurance and monitoring.


AKKA is proud to be part of this challenging project that allows the Group to draw on its extensive experience in multi-modal mobility systems and related technology in telecommunications and smart infrastructures.

AKKA’s role is essential in ensuring continuity and quality of services in connected, cooperative and automated mobility enabled by 5G technologies.

Jul 16 2020

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5G-MOBIX – New 5G Cross-border corridors for connected and automated driving