AKKA is organizing the “certification together international conference”, forum dedicated to aviation certification

Press releasesFebruary 24 2015

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From 24th to 26th February at Toulouse, AKKA, through its subsidiary Aeroconseil, is organizing this benchmark event, set up for the industry and dedicated to all aspects of certification systems, software and electronics. Aircraft manufacturers, systems manufacturers, component suppliers, subcontractors and experts from around the world will be coming to share their experience of industrial issues connected to certification for on-board systems and implementing standards. AKKA, as a pilot in this forum, proves once again its weight in defining technology of aeronautics of tomorrow.

The control of certification for an airplane, helicopter or engine is essential, and especially when you need to work alongside different international authorities, as is the case with many programs at the moment. This is exactly why the CTIC initiative was conceived. Launched in 2008, “Certification Together” is now led by Aeroconseil and its expert partners including EADS Apsys, Capgemini (ATM software on the ground), GERAC, ACG Solutions and Patmos. Its goal is to create and facilitate interaction between professionals in the industry to help everyone get to grips with current and future certification standards.

The avionics sector needs to respond to the demands of the authorities in terms of dependability, which is an increasingly difficult challenge, with embedded systems playing a growing role in aviation projects.

At CTIC, more than 150 certification experts, representing around 80 companies from 16 different countries, will share their experience of current certification issues, including a roadmap for the certification authorities on changes in regulations, the use of “general public” electronic components in the plane, use of complex technologies such components “multicore” practical application of the recent DO178C standard for embedded software development, etc….

AKKA, a recognized specialist in aeronautical engineering provides valuable technological support and is positioned as a privileged actor in innovations for aeronautical stakeholders.