AKKA joins forces with Teréga to offer a digital twin solution for industrial sites

Press releasesJune 30 2021

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Brussels, June 30th, 2021 – AKKA Technologies, European leader in engineering consulting and R&D service, joins forces with Teréga, a major player in gas transport and storage infrastructures in France and in Europe, to promote an innovative digital twin solution intended to optimize operational, energy and environmental performance of industrial sites.

AKKA has mobilized its digital expertise in Data Intelligence and its IoT (Internet of Things) know-how, via its Center of Expertise in Niort (Deux-Sèvres), to complete Teréga’s solution and to offer end-to-end support to industrial customers in the collection and exploitation of production data. This approach enables several use cases, such as remote supervision of industrial sites, detection of anomalies, real-time monitoring of installations and optimization of processes, paving the way for new specific business applications.

This digital twin solution is based on the IOBASE solution, that includes hardware components, such as Indabox, which allows data to be extracted from a protected computer system and cloud components, which allow the processing and accessibility of data in real time as well as business application bricks linked to Teréga’s activity, such as Indaview (real-time hypervisor) and Indabaexplorer (data analyzer).

Thanks to the collaboration between AKKA and Teréga, the solution that was initially developed in response to Teréga’s own industrial needs, has now been adapted to meet the needs of other industrial players across multiple sectors.

Dominique Mockly, President of Teréga Solutions, comments:We are delighted with this collaboration. Relying on AKKA’s proven engineering expertise to deploy this differentiating solution will be a real asset. AKKA skills perfectly complement our desire to continuously innovate and to offer services that allow companies to optimize their performance, thanks to digital. “.

Luigi Boggione, Sales Director and Executive Vice-President of Digital & Diversification Business Line, declares: “We are proud of this partnership with Teréga in the commercialization of this innovative solution, accelerating the creation of value from production site data, combining a high level of security and the power of new digital tools. Teréga’s industrial expertise, together with AKKA’s digital offers, will allow us to offer endtoend support to our future customers. “.

Jun 30 2021

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AKKA joins forces with Teréga to offer a digital twin solution for industrial sites