Press releasesNovember 30 2020

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Brussels, 30 November 2020 AKKA presented the E-Kart, its first prototype of an electric go-kart – boasting high performance matching that of X30 competition go-karts – earlier this month, on the Paul Ricard circuit at Le Castellet to the main players in international go-karting.

Towards a better consideration of environmental issues in motor sport

The E-Kart’s electrification module was developed by engineers from AKKA Research, AKKA’s in-house R&D and innovation centre. This project brings together the best expertise in automotive electrification and illustrates the Group’s ambition to reduce the ecological footprint of existing infrastructures and vehicles through technology and innovation. This E-Kart prototype contributes to a better consideration of environmental issues in motor sports, notably by reducing noise emissions and polluting particles while delivering performance comparable to X30 competition thermal go-karts.

An electrification module that can be easily adapted to any thermal go-kart.

With E-Kart, AKKA starts with a standard chassis that does not receive any modifications. In just two hours, the engineers at AKKA Research transform the thermal go-kart into an electric go-kart and vice versa. To overcome the problem of battery charging time, the electrification module is based on a battery swap. No charging infrastructure or investment is necessary for circuit owners.

This new E-Kart demonstrates the mastery of AKKA Research engineers in the integration of high-voltage batteries and their mastery of the entire electric powertrain (motor, charger and inverter).

Performance comparable to the best thermal go-karts

This technology has already proven its performance on the track, where professional drivers acknowledged that the E-Kart is 5% faster in a straight line than an X30 thermal go-kart with equivalent hole times.

François Becamel, 2014 Go-Karting World Champion declared: “I was very impressed by the agility of the electric go-kart and the power of the engine. A little surprised at the beginning, I quickly got into the game. It’s very fun and powerful. I was really surprised by the acceleration, the speed in a straight line is incredible. Having driven in all categories, from mini to KZ, I would compare it to a SuperX30 in acceleration, and in the straights there we go much faster than the X30. “

I am very proud of our engineering teams who have managed to reconcile performance and decarbonisation of the go-kart. Our experts have been working on this project for a year and are looking forward to optimising the prototype by reducing the mass of the batteries and maximising energy recovery during braking in order to increase performance and autonomy. Our engineers continue to imagine the future of mobility with the aim of reducing its environmental impact,” added Pierre Lion, Group director of AKKA Research.

Nov 30 2020

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AKKA launches the Universal E-Kart