Press releasesMay 18 2020

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Brussels, Belgium, May 18, 2020


  • As mentioned in AKKA’s press release published on May the 6th, AKKA continues to build on its strengths, including its financial position and long-term management approach, to emerge as a leading player in the post-crisis era.


  • In order to encourage long-term shareholding, the Group is rewarding its shareholder loyalty by allocating them one new share for every 10 shares held. The allocation has no impact on the cash the Group dedicates to its operations and post-crisis opportunities.


  • 2,029,199 new shares are allotted today (Ex-date), and will be assimilated to existing shares (ISIN code FR0004180537). According to European regulation, the operation is subject of a document specifying the reasons for and the details of the allotment (“the information notice”) available on AKKA website at under the investors page. Fractional shares will be compensated in cash to each account holder on their shareholders’ account.


  • This allocation will trigger an adjustment to the Conversion Price of the hybrid convertible issued in November 2019. For more information you can refer to the Calculation notice, also available on AKKA website at under the investors page (or click here).


Next events:

Half-year 2020 revenue: Monday, 27 July 2020

Half-year 2020 results: Tuesday, 15 September 2020


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