New research & innovation project for the reliability and efficiency of rail traction systems

Press releasesFebruary 25 2021

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Brussels, February 25th, 2021 – RECET4Rail[1] is a collaborative project aiming at improving rail traction sub-systems, under the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (JU) Programme. The project involves 13 partners from 8 EU countries, sharing the common goal to research and innovate for the reliability and efficiency of rail traction systems.

The Shift2Rail initiative

The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is the European rail programme to seek focused research and innovation (R&I) for market-driven solutions in support to the creation of a Single European Railway Area (SERA), in view of a modal shift in transportation from road to rail for a more competitive and resource-efficient European transport system. This programme intends to transform the current European transport system to one that is more competitive, efficient and sustainable one. Several Innovation Programmes (IPs) addressing specific challenges have already been launched, involving institutes, universities, research centers, rail companies, operators and infrastructure managers from all over Europe.

The RECET4Rail project

The RECET4Rail project’s ambition is to provide essential knowledge and competence that can lead the improvement to high TRL levels of Shift2Rail traction demonstrations on trains developed by Shift2Rail members. This collaboration paves the way for future key developments on fields such as digitalization applied to traction, environmental sustainability (especially devising carbon-free traction systems) or reinforcement of standardization to lower complexity and costs.

Four workstreams are envisaged: (i) 3D additive manufacturing and new manufacturing technologies; (ii) Wireless Dynamic Charging for urban vehicles based on silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors and high power Li-ion batteries sizing; (iii) Investigations on reliability of traction components and lifetime mechanisms; (iv) Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smart and predictive maintenance of traction systems.

Alongside valuable partners such as Saint-Exupéry IRT (Institute of Technological Research) and ICAM (Catholic Institute of Engineering), AKKA is proud to provide its technological expertise to the RECET4Rail project, focusing on the development of an automated mesh tool. Meshing is an fundamental part of engineering simulation process where complex geometries are splitted into simple elements which can be used as discrete local approximations of the larger domain. It is a crucial step for the development of the 3D additive manufacturing components which will explore the technologies’ benefits for traction sub-systems.” added Pierre LION, Group director of AKKA Research, AKKA’s in-house R&D and innovation centre.

Furthermore, RECET4Rail will collaborate with key companies in the rail field, especially collaborating with PINTA3 project, also part of the Shift2Rail community, in terms of manufacturing and validation of the prototypes solutions on train traction systems. PINTA3 is composed of 8 large enterprises active in the rail sector and is aimed at addressing demonstrators for the next generation of traction systems and all the innovative technologies that can improve the competitiveness of the rail traction systems.

[1] RECET4Rail: Reliable Energy and Cost-Efficient Traction System For Railway.



Feb 25 2021

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New research & innovation project for the reliability and efficiency of rail traction systems