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May 12 2021

A quarter of a century of expertise in electromagnetic compatibility

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May 06 2021

First-quarter 2021 Revenue

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May 03 2021

AKKA announces its partnership with AURA AERO to develop two electric aircrafts

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Apr 30 2021

Annual Report 2020

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Apr 22 2021

AKKA partners with Barzan Holdings to provide defense and security engineering services in Qatar

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Apr 08 2021

Train durability & performance : AKKA provides its cross-sectoral expertise to the GEARBODIES project

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Apr 01 2021

Research on ion quantum processors with high-performance computing connection in new research consortium

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Mar 30 2021

AKKA renews its cooperation with FORD in the area of infotainment

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Mar 25 2021

AKKA partners with On Device Solutions (ODS)

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Mar 17 2021


Profitability restored in H2 2020 in all units strong cash flow generation in FY2020

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Mar 10 2021


Appointment of Dharam Sheoran as CEO of AKKA North America

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Mar 02 2021

AKKA, via its Big Data platform, joins forces with the start-up Sylfen

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Feb 26 2021

AKKA supports Alstom in a pioneering infrastructure project of two monorail lines in Cairo

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Feb 25 2021

New research & innovation project for the reliability and efficiency of rail traction systems

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Feb 24 2021


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Feb 16 2021

AKKA is coordinating the MobiDataLab consortium

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